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PIG® 4 in 1® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Roll

Mediumweight, 16" x 150', 1 roll
As Low As $116.00
1 absorbent mat - 4 ways to use it. Stock just one absorbent and handle a variety of leaks, drips, and spills.   Read More 

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1 absorbent mat - 4 ways to use it. Stock just one absorbent and handle a variety of leaks, drips, and spills.
  • Exclusive 4 in 1 Mat is a pad, roll, sock and wiper all in one!
  • Use as a pad to catch drips and soak up oily spills; roll out to cover large areas; fold along score lines to make a thick, absorbent "sock"; tear off a piece to use as a low-lint wiper
  • No matter how you use it, this mat builds on the proven eight-layer, 100% polypropylene construction of PIG Mat, the strongest mat on the market!
  • Scuff-resistant, spunbond outer layer resists wear and tear, even under heavy foot traffic or abrasive conditions
  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave behind liquids or fiber residue
  • Absorbs and retains oil and fuels, NOT water
  • White color tells you it's only for oils and fuels; draws attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response
  • Flame-resistant material won't burn immediately like cellulose mats; melts when exposed to high heat while on the job
  • Rolls are perforated every 10"; easy to tear to size, use only what you need
  • Medium-weight construction is versatile for general, everyday tasks and cleanups


Static-Dissipative No
Traffic Level Medium Foot Traffic
Floating Yes
Reusable No
Wringable Yes
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Fuels, Other Oil-Based Liquids Only
Special Feature Multi-Configurable
Color White
Dimensions 16" W x 150' L
Mat Weight Mediumweight
Absorbency Up to 17.4 gal. per bag
Absorbency per Up to 17.4 gal. per roll
Brand PIG
Core Diameter 1.5"
Perforated Yes
Sold as 1 roll per bag
Weight 13.5 lbs.
New Pig Patent 5,888,604; 5,597,418
# per Pallet 32
Composition Polypropylene
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 54

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Based on 2 reviews

By Lori


Absorbents for Oil

Being eco conscious, this PIG® 4 in 1® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Roll is not only especially great for cleaning up greasy or oily spills, but does a great job absorbing any product that needs to be disposed of properly.

By Tammy



I work in a machine shop and we use the 4 in 1 pig mat everyday. We line our carts with them so that our parts don't get scratched and ruined. That is the soft side of the pig mat, and the tough side of the pig mat is, we place them under oil containers from the machines and the mat totally absorbs every bit of oil the machine might leak out. We also found another use which is a little strange,but we hung them in one of our windows to block the view from the outside of the plant. They are awesome, and is one of our biggest order items of our company. We also recycle them, when we are finished using them on the carts, we give them to our maitenance man and then he finds other uses for them. This is a wonderful product. Thank you New Pig

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