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PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box

Heavyweight, 15" x 20", 100 pads
PIG Mat lasts 2x longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs. Absorbs everything. Works everywhere.   Read More 

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$121.00 $113.00 $100.00
Pig Exclusive Recycled Content AutoShip Eligible


PIG Mat lasts 2x longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs. Absorbs everything. Works everywhere.
  • Lasts 2X longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs, absorbs everything, works everywhere; that's why more plants worldwide use PIG Mat than any other brand
  • Eight layers of 100% polypropylene are thermally bonded to make PIG Mat the strongest mat on the market; won't rip, tear or fray even when saturated
  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave liquids or fiber residue behind
  • Absorbs most common industrial liquids - oils, water, solvents, coolants and more
  • Absorbed leaks and drips blend right in; dark gray color hides grime so mat stays on the job longer
  • Can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending
  • Dispenser box makes it easy to take, carry and store your mat while protecting it from dirt and moisture
  • Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills
  • Easy-tear perforations let you take only what you need so you use less mat and save money
  • Heavy-weight construction delivers greater durability and absorbency for demanding tasks and large-volume cleanups
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Traffic Not Recommended for Foot Traffic
Static-Dissipative No
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Floating No
Perforated Pattern 10" x 15" sections
Reusable No
Wringable Yes
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Gray
Dimensions 15" W x 20" L
Mat Weight Heavyweight
Recycled Content 25% or more Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 22 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 28.16 oz. per pad
Brand PIG
Category PIG® Absorbent Mat
Perforated Yes
Sold as 100 pads per box
Weight 18 lbs.
# per Pallet 30
Composition Polypropylene
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 11


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By Catherine


PIG Absorbent Mat Pads a MUST HAVE!

We have eight retail hardware stores that sells all types of liquid products. These absorbent mat pads are an absolute MUST for cleaning up spills quickly and with little waste. They store easily and we really like the dispenser box for ease of grabbing the right number of pads quickly. We seem to find more and more uses as time goes on. Excellent product!

By jIM



These mats are the best we have found for absorbing oils that are spilled. Tried other brands and they don't come close to the pig mat.

By Elena



I ordered these absorbent pads for my Working Foreman. We ordered various types of pads from other markets, but once we ordered these from New Pig, everyone preferred these over all the other ones. So now I order these regularly, not just for my dept, but all depts! The quality and price can't be beat. Our drivers stock them on their trucks for those emergency spills and leaks in the field. I also use them in the office for cleanups and spills. The delivery is quick and easy as well. I also like the box it comes in. Makes storing and dispensing easy and painless. Thanks New Pig!

By Matt


Great Product!

These Mats work great! Easy ordering and a wonderful product at a Great price!!!

By Josh


Great Product

We have used these mats in our facility for years and they work great. We do a lot of washing and we place these mats where water will escape the room and they keep it all contained. We have also had accidents where some has dropped a 5 gallon water jug and water lines breaking, each time we would use Pig Mats to help with the clean up and they work great!

By Mike


Great mats

When I first started working here there was oil dry everywhere on the floor. I introduced New Pig to the company and it has been a hit since. We no longer have oil dry in the plant which took away potential slip and fall. What a great product.

By Elena


Great Product

We order these absorbent pads on a regular rotation. They are super absorbent and always gets the job done! We use them for our trucks and any kind of spill that occurs. They ship quickly and are very easy to stock. In fact, I need to put in another order right now!

By Liam


PIG® Absorbent Mat Roll in Dispenser Box

These PIG mats are highly absorbent and work well on large spills! Highly recommend for those involved in industry and large scale testing!

By Chris


Very Handy!

We use them in our trucks with the spill kits, but we find many more uses for them around the shop as well.

By Madge


These Mats Really "Suck"

We use these all the time. Can't ask for a better mat for putting under a leaky machine!

By Kendra


Absolute Necessity

We work in the aviation business and we could not go a day without these mats. They are super absorbent and keep our floor from being an oily mess. Great product will continue to buy when we run out.

By Ernesto


Absorbent Mat Pads

Great product to use around the warehouse and the shipping of the product is fast. Thank you New Pig.

By Remy


Perfect Pig Product

We use these all the time at our facility. We recently had a massive pipe burst; thank goodness we had these mats available. I was able to keep a lot of product dry and safe as well use the mats as "walkway" to get to and from areas. Outside of that extreme incident, these are great to use around machines and anywhere for quick absorption.

By Amanda


Great to Work With

Great company to work with! Very prompt delivery, and easy to use website design! Excellent customer service!

By Penny


PIG Absorbent Mat Pad In Dispenser Box

This is an amazing product. We use it in our shop. It is the best!

By Hayden


PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box

This is an amazing product that soaks up all the grease and fluids that we have spilled or we have leaking in our turbines! Will always keep buying PigMat!

By Michal



This is an amazing product. We use the PIG Mats throughout our lab and out in the Plant. They are great for keeping the facility clean and tidy from a small drip to high use area. SO convenient and affordable. You cannot pass then up!

By Catherine


Awesome Product

We have a chain of hardware stores and use these pads to clean up spilled paint, chemicals, you name it. Very absorbent and easy to store and use. Highly recommend this product!

By Penny


PIG Absorbent Mat Pad In Dispenser Box

We use Pig Mats in our shop. They make clean ups quick and easy. Thank you for a great product.

By Andre


Works best

I use and recommend pig mats in every shop and job site I visit. Definitely makes clean up quick and painless.

By Mark


Pig Mats

I have used Pig Mats at multiple companies I have worked for and will never use an alternate brand. Best mats in the industry!!!

By Kevin


Absorbs Awesome!

I bought these for our employees and they absolutely love em! It's worth the money to spend and less of a hassle for cleanups!

By Ron


Works Great

We bought these mats to use as we working in our basement and they did a GREAT job at soaking up small amounts of water

By Eryc


Absolutely the Best

We have been using these pads for 8 years. We use them for hydraulic hose leaks on cranes during repairs. This product is the best out there. We normally buy from a local retail but have since started using the New Pig website. We are totally satisfied.

By Dana


Great Product

We use this all around our company when we don't need a long amount of spilled coolant or oil soaked up. We buy several New Pig items and never have any complaints.

By Brandi


PIG Mats are the BEST

PIG mats have amazing customer service and even better product. These mats are the most absorbent mat in the market. I HIGHLY recommend

By Michal


A must HAVE for any LAB

We switched to PIG brand and have not looked back. They are quality and convenience all wrapped into one, The help keep our lab and plant clean. The mats are great used for a preventative for leaks and spills as well as active spills. Their customer service is AMAZING. They have an Excellent staff that is there to help. Quick, courteous and efficient!

By Kayeloni


Been Using for years

I work in the transformer business and we have been using these for years. These work great for our field service crews to keep oil and water cleaned up off the floor in the trailers!



great product, most amazing customer service!

we religiously use the mat 240 in our shop. it works very well and my techs are in love with this product! The best part about the new pig company is their customer service! personally I ALWAYS use Trudy! she is fantastic! I always get what I requested in a timely manner and she showers all the associates here with the wonderful free gifts!! keep it up new pig!!! we came for the superior product, and we fell in love with the amazing customer service!

By Gerri


New Pig Earned Bragging Rights

We purchase the pig mats MAT240, because they do exactly what we are told they will. The other brands just do not measure up to New Pig quality and performance.

By Madge


Great Deal on a Great Product

These oil pads are the best yet!

By Jamie


amazing mats

we have used these mats for the last 8 years they are solid and absorb very well

By Madeline


Great Product

These mats do a great job. They are used to soak up any kind of spill around.

By Rich


Great product

We used these for spill control and lining the pit of our press for oil absorption. Easy to use, effective and easy to dispose of.

By Juan


Awesome product

We love the way this pads soak up oil and keeps area clean.

By Ethan



I love these absorbent mats. They work good for our application and are a reasonable price. I keep them on hand for sure.

By James


Extremely useful

We have used the Pig Mats for many years in our repair shop; they have super absorbent power to collect all kinds of leaks and spills, both accidental and the well known ones. Additionally, we always keep a small stack of mats at home for emergency leaks, for messy projects and they are great for 'place mats' for pet food and water bowls. The absorb really well, they last a long time, and they are easy to clean up and replace! Five Stars!



Absorbent Mat Pad

Does what I expected

By Gerri


Best Product Out There!

We have tried other products that claim to be as good as new pig absorbents, but they don't pass the test. Not even close. Our go to pig mat is the 240 which does everything they say it should. Customer service is excellent as well! As long as New Pig is in business, we will continue doing business with them.

By Penny


PIG Absorbent Mat Pad In Dispenser Box

We use these in our Machine Shop for absorbing spills. Great product.

By Jason


These pads work great

These pads are perfect for absorbing spills and containing the mess.

By Ted


Great Product

We've tried other absorbent products, but this outperforms them by far.

By Sara


These are great mats for any liquid spills

We use these in our shop they absorb water, coolants and oils. They work better than kitty litter. This is the best Mat on the market!

By Norm


better than the rest

I'm new at this job and ordered these out of habit instead of "brand X" that was being used here. several have commented to me the absorb more and we are using fewer than before.

By Rhonda


Pig Pads

Worked very well for soaking up antifreeze

By Tom


Mat Pads are Perfect!

The mat pads are very absorbent and easily stored everywhere a quick cleanup may be required!

By Ryan


Great product

We have been using this style of Pig mat for years. We have tried alternatives, but have always come back the original.

By Jean


great for schools

We always have a dispenser box of Pig Mats in every school kitchen Great for spills and snowy days. Protects our lunch staff from slips on wet surfaces and coming in from the outdoors. Quick pick ups from spilled juices, water or milk. Can be reused many times..

By Miranda


Works Great

we bought the competitors brand and they just weren't doing what we needed. My boss pointed me to the PIG brand and we couldn't be more happy with this product. It comes in a convenient box for easy distribution and they are much better. Thanks for making a quality product we have come to expect.

By Curt


Perfect for our needs

We are industrial generator service company and we use these mats for clean up while on site for maintenance. They are incredibly absorbent and I couldn't imagine what our lives would be like without them. Thank you Pig!!

By Matthew



We are an Orthopedic Surgery Center and because these Mats are Pre-cut, highly absorbent and light-weight, these are perfect for our surgical cases. The perforations enable us to tear off smaller sizes in order to absorb liquids in hard to reach places (under furniture, personnel, etc...). Highly Recommend!

By Zondra


Pig Mat

I have used these pads for several years now. I love the amount of oil and liquid it absorbs. I have tried some from my local vendors that looked the same but they didn't absorb the same. I will be a pig customer forever.

By Jon


Service and quality

I order the PIG mats from this provider and used them for the last 3 years, i enjoy the quality and the give aways(although i have to receive the one from my last purchase). Fast shipping and easy to navigate website saves me a lot of time. However, i am considering switching companies as i have found the product elsewhere locally for less expense. In this business it is all about cutting cost, thanks everything!

By Mandy


These mats are very durable and last for many uses. They are also at a great price.

By Raven


Pig Mat

Works great. Doesn't fall apart when saturated.

By Sean


Pig Mat to the rescue!

The best way to clean up oil in our machine shop!

By Brian



these mats have helped out exponentially when it comes to fluid spills around the hospital.

By Dennis


works great

absorbs water and holds it. Nice product

By Mary


Mad for the Pad

These work great! Instead of hideous looking dirty towels laid on floor of the machine room to soak up condensation and occasional oil leaks...these are the bomb. Look as neat as possible and are easy to dispose of.

By Thomas


PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box = Food Technician's best friend

Working in R&D for a small food company, you deal and make a fair bit of mess. Soybean oil, water, 200 gram vinegar and any variety of analytical chemicals, the PIG helps clean them all! I seriously wonder what I did before I got this job and used these mats. You're in good hands here.

By Rene


We all love the PIG mats.

I'm the G.M. for Express Oil and my guys LOVE the pig mats. When we get a little low they run up and tell me to order more!

By Jason


MAT240 Universal Absorbent Mat Pads

As a local government employee, we have used cheaper products in the past trying to save a buck and the quality is no where near that of New Pig products. If/When you have a spill, you need to have the confidence in the products you are using to contain/absorb to minimize the loss or damage. The price that you pay for New Pig products is more than worth it and you will have that confidence. Always friendly staff and fast shipping.



!!!!PIG PAD!!!!!

The service was wonderful, fast and on time! The Pads was just what we needed. Everything we purchase from New Pig is the best !!!!!

By Megan


New Pig Products Rock!!

We use these absorbent mats in our machine shop on a daily basis. The dispenser box is so convenient and everyone is amazed by how much these mats soak up! Will buy again for sure! On a side note, the free gift offers are also amazing, we received a free long sleeve t-shirt for buying these mats!

By Michael



This is an excellent product. Much better than speedy dri. Does wonders with oil and other lubricants. We use them throughout the shop. The box dispenser is a great way to store and grab needed ones.

By Dan



We use these mats for numerous jobs. Our Plumbing Company uses them for a work mat to put our tools on, while working in a Bathroom or Kitchen. We use them as a drop cloth, when we are Rodding a Drain. We use them as a catch all on the bottom side of our Sewer Rodding Machine. Etc. We Love Da Pig!

By Ron


Great Product

These pads are the perfect size for our Press Operators. They absorb well for the size and types of spills for the machines they are running, plus, they don't take up a ton of space in their work area.

By Steve


Hungry for oil

These mats work great for the work bench and also under equipment when doing oil changes. Wouldn't use anything else!

By Jordan


Great Absorption

These pads are absolute lifesavers! They are a must have if you use any kind of oils at your facility.

By Thames


Pig Absorbent Mat Pads

These are the best absorbent mats we've ever used. Love the Pig Mats!

By Debby



Love the products! All of our A&P mechanics are happy with the items ordered. Your Customer Service Reps are awesome. Way to go New Pig!

By Todd



It's the best! It's the most trusted absorbing pad in the game!

By Bob


Here Piggy Piggy

PIG Mat lasts 2x longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs. Absorbs everything. Works everywhere. They're grrrrrreat!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Jeff


When on the best is demanded - this is it!

Our Service Technicians have been using New Pig product for years and refuse to use anything else. It works as advertised. We build / repair Gas Stations and cleaning up oil and fuel is a legal requirement and this product does the job no matter what the conditions.

By Jennifer



These mats are GREAT! We use these pads daily for drips and soaking up spills/cleaning up messes made and the easy tear perforations let us take just what we need so we don't waste much at all. They are super absorbent and make clean up very easy and stress free. Another great product from PIG!

By Alex



Mat Pad (MAT240) and the Link Free wipes (WIP303) are AWESOME!!!

By Patricia


Great Company

Very easy website to work with and the prices are very good. Will certainly order again.

By Bob


Love the Piggy

Very easy ordering web sight. Great products. Plus free gifts. Who could ask for more.

By Christie


Service is great

We use the item plant wide

By Chris


Great for all the random spills I deal with.

I use them multiple times a day/week here and they always do the job.

By Jean


Pig Mats

We love our Pig Mats. All of our schools use them for quick pick-ups and large spills. They are easy to grab and reusable in many cases. They are in constant use for snowy, rainy entrances to leaky ceilings.

By Lorraine



we love them here at the shop, they work great and the delivery time once ordered is fantastic.

By Matthew


Medical Grade Absorbency

I recently switched to the PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box (Item MAT240) from a previous medical floor mat supplier and I do have to say, that the packaging, the amount of lint these mats inhibit all while still maintaining the same/better absorption rate per sq ft. is great. I only found out about New Pig through a google search and I am great to have found a company that ships to Hawaii!

By kathy


pig mats

We love using these mats in our digi room. They absorbency is just awesome, they last twice as longer then other brands. it pick up all the residue that has been spilled. These mat have saved us a lot of money. You need to try them..... you will not go back to the other, you will see a cost saving.

By Juan


New pig absorbing mats

This product is awesome we use it all over the warehouse since we deal with a lot of oil it sucks it up and nothing else to worry about

By Sheryl


Best Mat/Spill Kits

Best absorption and quality. I work in a manufacturing company and along with Spill Kits, we have stock in these pads, spills happen. Best customer service and knows their products well. Helped me put together our Spill Kits and ordering to replenish them is a breeze. Use no other....Use New Pig products!! You won't be disappointed.




Great product. Superior to other products/brands that we have used. Works well for hydraulic fluid.

By Matt


Best MAT out there

I have been using mat140 for over 10 years! I have tried others but not other mat absorbs like this one or pickup everything this one does Again, far and away, the best mat out there!

By Ed


Excellent Product!

We've been purchasing your absorbent mat pads in box for some time now and we have never been disappointed. The ordering is simple and clean and the delivery has always be as promised. The post-sales service and subsequent product emails are also professional, relevant and well-presented. Thank you, we look forward to doing more with New Pig!

By Christie




By seema


Pig Mats

My shop has been using these for last over 10 years and don't want any substitution because of its quality. It works great. Above all your customer service is awesome awesome and ordering is a breeze. We are extremely satisfied with all the wonderful product offered.

By Tammy


Love your products !!!

I love New Pig products...

By Dorothy


I will never purchase from any other company

WORKS GREAT New Pig is a great company and the customer service awesome. We are extremely satisfied with all the wonderful product offered. Your promotional deals are always awesome!

By trevor


works great

these work great and absorb really well

By Adrienne


Excellent Product

We use these in our plant and they work great!

By Juan


best absorbent mat

this product works great and once I tried it, I was hooked this is all I buy now its hard to walk away from a product that works great

By amanda



New Pig is a great company and the customer service is better than bacon! And nothing is better than the delicious flesh candy, bacon! There promotional deals are always awesome! I squeal with excitement!

By Susan


Pig Mats

Best thing on the market. Use at work and at home.

By Robert


240 mats

Very happy with mats for absorbing oil on floor and laying around a piece of machinery when cleaning. Been buying them for years and recommend to others

By Bruce


MAT 240

Mats are great for universal clean up. Hold a lot of material.

By John


Great Absorbent

I have tried other absorbents and none of them hold up to the same quality as PIG Mat.

By John


Always Reliable

We have been using these for fifteen years around our facility. They always work great and definitely hold more fluid than any other brand we have tried.

By Jim



These mats are great trap and hold a multitude of fluids, great all around the shop, my guys even use them on equipment as a cushion after it rained or snows to keep their bottom dry, love em. BUY SOME

By Slava



The best product for the best price! We are using it for last 15 years and never had a single complaint! This mats are just great!

By Melanie


Great product!

Works as intended. Reasonably priced.

By Christie




By Matt



By Far the BEST Absorbent Mat out there!! We have tried other products and have always come back to these. FIVE STAR PRODUCT!!!

By Keith



We used these for years and had no problems. We have tried others but they are not as good.

By Chris


Mat 240... Amazing

We have been using the mat 240 for over ten years and wouldn't use anything else. EXCELLENT Absorption and easy to use with the self dispensing boxes.

By chan


PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box

PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box good value and quality. We will continue buying this product daily used.

By Matt


Best mat ever

I have used this mat for years on all types of liquids. It is quick absorbing for a fast clean-up. I have tried other mats but none compare to this one.

By Larry


Great product

These pads are an excellent way to clean up spills and/or keep under our maintenance areas where chemicals are kept. easy access box. We keep several boxes on hand and in several different departments to help with any spills, large or small.

By vernon


PIG Absorbent pads

the only brand worth buying

By Denise


Pig Blankets

These blankets are great! We use them for a lot of our Ink spills. They work great on anything we use them on.

By Ted


spill pads

The product is great and can be used on most of our spills. We have boxes open for use in the maintenance area with the ease of just pulling out a pad for quick clean up jobs, also we can refill our spill kits easy from the boxes, knowing that a new box is 100 pads. Great Product and packing

By James


Best there is

You won't find a better one anywhere. Pricing is also good, a lot of other brands are inferior in comparison and cost more.

By McKennon


Best out there

This product is the best I have found for non-hazardous spills.

By Marc


The only mat we use

We have purchased some cheaper competitors products and they simply do not stack up. These mats are the go to in our shop where we service and repair everything from pickup trucks for large bulldozers. These mats are unmatched in their ability to soak up spills easily and come in a convenient box. We keep a box at each repair bay.

By Chris


Oil Eater

These Pig Mats work great for sucking up random oil spills...wring it out and use it again and again.

By Juan


PIG Absorbent Mat Pad in

This product is awesome and does a great job we use it everyday only time we have a complaint about it is when we run out of pigmat thanks for making a great product

By Catherine


PIG Absorbent Mat Pads are AWESOME

We have eight Ace Hardware stores. Guess what we sell...paint and chemicals. Guess what happens at times...they spill!! Ever since I found these absorbent mat pads, it has made spills so easy and efficient to clean up. We use them in our paint mixers to secure the smaller cans, just in case of an accident (go figure). I highly recommend these pads should you have a need for spill in your work location. You will not be disappointed on these top of the line products.

By Brian


Quality that performs!

These PIG mats run circles around generic mats when it comes to performance.

By Christie


MAT 240

Maintenance Department loves this item. Work great to clean up spills,messes associated with equipment being worked on and quick spill clean up.

By Katey


Excellent absorbent mat pads

These pad work great, not only are they super absorbent they come perforated so that you can use them big or split them in two and move them around. They are super convenient, and truly work really well. Love new pig & their customer service!!!




Great stuff for working around hydraulics. easy clean up and disposal. Work wonders in narrow tight areas. easy to transport when out working on machines in other plants. 2 thumbs up



MAT240 MAT154

Great product. I work with industrial machines and I buy these for my Maintenance Department to use. Work great to clean up spills/messes associated with equipment change outs and routine maintenance. Cost of the product is high but the quality is too. Shipping is a little expensive.

By Sarah


Life Savers!!

We will always come back for more!!! These improved our work area immensely, and generally have a quick arrival time!!

By Catherine


Must Have!

I have 8 Ace Hardware stores and to say we don't have spills would be a lie. I have found the PIG Absorbent Mat Pads to be exceptional in cleaning up all types of spills. They are particularly efficient with paint spills and I keep a case of them in each store's paint department. Easy to use, easy to handle and the dispenser boxes make storage and accessibility top notch. I'm sure if you try these out you too will be happy.

By Dorothy


We only buy the best

I am a buyer Ge Water These items are very absorbent and I will not purchase any other . Your pricing and customer service is wonderful. Never have any issue.

By Jordan



These Pig Pads help us out immensely at our plant. Any little spills or messes, they pick it up with no problems. Would recommend.

By Shawn



I'm a maintenance coordinator and our maintenance crew uses the MAT240 mats for various applications. We have a lot of machinery and these are great for leaks and spills. I've been ordering these for years !

By Christie


Mat 240

The best we have used order all the time and they work with me on pricing

By Chad


Pig mats

Techs like them.

By Jessica


Absorbent Mats

These mats have made a huge difference in our facility. We have a leaky roof and without these, we'd have a huge mess.

By Bobby


Put your best foot forward!

We use these mats not only because they work better than any other, but also because of what it says about us when outsiders come into our shops. They are in plain sight if being used, and hang neatly on the dispenser or in the dispenser box. It shows that we care enough to use the very best. Our shops are extremely clean, and these mats are a huge contributor to that.

By Jean


Works wonders!

I have been ordering this product for our mechanic shop for over 6 years and it works wonders it will absorb anything without a problem highly recommended!

By josh


Great product

These absorbent pads are great for cleaning up spills. I've been ordering these for my mechanics and they wont use anything else. These also come in different thicknesses. I've had help from New Pig picking the perfect thickness to meet our needs and do the job.

By Robert


Awesome quality!

These pads are awesome for Oil spills! Great deal!

By Travis


The shop mat everyone needs

These are the best products for using in and around my shop! We work with Dielectric mineral oil in numerous sized transformers. We cover our work area and tops of work benches with them. They don't fall apart when wiping up spills.

By athena


Best Absorbent mat pads ever made!!!

30 years in the petroleum business i would not ever use or trust any other mat to soak up any spills it soaks up a MASS amount of fluid, i have tried them and they have all failed on me and what makes it even better is the awesome quantity you get for the price! customer service reps are helpful and pleasant also that's a plus!

By David


Pig Mat review

I have been using New Pig products for the past 20 years. They do an awesome job of soaking up any and all spills.

By Theresa


Great for events

In the event business, we have a lot of spills. Pig mats work great.

By Wendy



Works great.. Easier to use like this!

By tim



hey, great product, what more can i say?

By Riyad



Very good product

By saurabha


Good product

Good Product

By Michael


Nice Product

You can't beat the quality for the money. I highly recommend for smaller operations.



Great Product!

We love our pig mats at the shop! I recently ran out and had to order some other oil absorbent material and lets just say my guys were upset. All the oil ran right off the that stuff, which seemed more like a low grade automotive carpet than oil absorbent mat. I just got in a heavy duty sticky mat made for forklifts and it is working amazing right now. The shop looks and feels clean, neat, and put together just the way I like it!

By Kenneth


pig mat 240


By Christie



WE use this for everything. Great absorbent. Mechanics use every day for all kinds of messes. They line tool boxes as well for tools.

By Ellen


Absorbent Mat Dispenser

The dispensing box is very convenient and the mats work well!

By Joe


Good product, good value

Will buy again. No frills, just a good, quality absorbent pad.

By Eric


Excellent service

Transactions are always smooth. Delivered when promised. Easy choice.



Dom Rev

Only negative is the box. Since I use it as a dispenser I it would be nice if the box was stronger/more durable. Or the Delivery service could be more gentle.

By Matthew


Great Product!

Nothing is more effective for minor spills that happen around any warehouse or loading docks. Great product in a convenient package.

By Vickie



Having a fast food restaurant we have oil spills. This is so much better than pouring salt on it. I use these mats under my equipment where my filter pans are to AVOID oil spills. My maintenance people are not the quickest ducks in the pond and these pads are my life savers.

By Charla


Mat 240 Pad Review

The product absorbs spills with relatively no down-time. It is easy to use and cost effective. Charla Teul Curtiss-Wright Corp.

By Okoro


Made a mess? PIG it up!

MAT240 aka PIG mas have a staple in my laboratory for many, many years! These mats are versatile as we not only used to clean up a spill BUT we use them to line areas of our lab that susceptible to a spill. Easy to use, extremely absorbent, versatile, handy, all around multi purpose tool.

By Melissa


New Pig Products

The mats were delivered really fast, and they are very absorbent and the dispenser is convenient so as to that you don't pull out more than the one that you need. I love New Pig products and will continue giving you my orders. Thank you for the website ease of use and the quick delivery with the top quality products.

By Jack


Excellent Product

Picks oil up quickly and hold onto it. Doesn't fall apart like other products I've tried. We go through approximately 1-2 boxes per week. Received normally within 2-3 days from purchase. I am overall completely satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase this in the future.

By Catherine


Pig Absorbent Mat Pad #MAT240

I have 6 retail hardware stores and we use these pads for spill clean-ups. The container makes access to the pads very easy, the box stores well and the absorbency is very good. Great product!

By Steve



Mat worked well. Used to clean up an overflow of water on a concrete floor.

By victor


Extraordiary Product

After looking and trying many different products, finally I found what I wanted. This pads are strong, yet soft and absorbent enough for bolt manufacturing inspection and lab use. Can take heavy abuse, will last a reasonable amount of time and not fall a part. Thank you for having such a great product in stock.

By Richard


Fast delivery and great mats!

We use allot of these mats at work and they work well for many types of spills.

By Bob



Oink oink oink oink oink, oink oink!!!

By Jim


When pigs fly

These are the best pig mats ever purchased. Besides the fast delivery, and the great services, the only mat to be better might happen when pigs fly. Great job piggies. OINK!! OINK!! I LOVE BACON!!

By Gail


Great Customer Service

Delivery was quick and the product was what was promised. Will order again.

By Andy


Dispersions Pig Mat's

Great Products

By Jeff


Awesome Products !!

We are a leader in the diesel transmission world. We use many different Pig products for a variety of uses. The ease of use and availability of the Pig products are second to none. Very economical also. Thanx for all you do for us.

By Cory


so far so good

seems to work as advertised. too bad not a heavier duty box- mine was kinda tore up in shipping- but- can't win them all- right? I will buy again when I need more- and just deal with the packaging.

By Kim


Absorbant Mat

These mats are a great product to work with. They absorb well and last. Delivery was great and we purchase these over any other mat we have tried.

By Sandy


Just Discovered New Pig

Pricing was good. Very prompt shipping. Product exceeded our expectations. Will be ordering again soon.



As always, PigMat Exceeds!

I love NewPig products and as always New Pig succeeds in the easy to use dispensing and quality of these mats.

By Steven


Great pads and box

The ease and quickness of ordering makes replacing items a one email and done process. Your spill absorbent pads are really absorbent and the multi-use packaging is great for the environment. I like how the box the pads were shipped in doubles and a dispenser. I definitely will keep ordering these quality products.

By Eddie


Great product

High quality product. The dispenser box looks great on the shelf, keeps things looking neat and organized.

By Robert



been using this product for years. works great for oil.

By Peter


Best Ever

The Mat240 is one of the best absorbent pads. Can't keep enough in stock. Great product!

By Eddie


Great product

Good quality pad. The dispenser box looks great on the shelf, keeps things neat and orderly.

By Michael Anderson


Absorbant pig mats

I use these to absorb all types of spills in the automotive industry, and they work very well. I really like the pig mats because they are shipped in a timely manner and the box opens for easy use.

By Randy


Great Pad

they are great!! nice box, when you need them they are right there!! they stay neat in the box not all over the floor!! plus when you need them in a hurry you cant miss the "PIG" logo on the box!!!

By reynerio


good product, great price

packaged nicely, dispenses easily, works great!

By Michael


very happy with this Mat

this mat socks up oils and water. when we sock up water we leave them out to dry and we can use them again . great value, very durable also. Do you have anymore of those shirts that have the pigs with wings I spilled bleach on mime. GREAT PRODUCT.. Cheers,

By marci


item mat240

This product was experimental at first. We like it so much we are using it everywhere in our shop. We use to use the roll type matting. This is a great product with a great price.

By William



3 of our districts use these and are very happy with these pads. They absorb everything they come in contact with. We tried other products, but these are the best. The package is nice and easy to get too. Price is good for what they do. Couldnt ask for a better product. Will keep buying these for our of our shops

By Mike


works very well!

Excellent product! Works very well and absorbs lots of liquid

By David



Great product for the price we use this a lot and there is no other brand I will use. Delivery was fast and the costumer service are always available for any question one might have.

By Robert



we have a lot of older equipment that leak and these do a great job of absorbing the fluid and they don't slip while placed down.

By Purchasing



The best product out there!!!!!!!!!!

By Shawn


Excellent Product and Service

Easy to use website and fast service!!

By Robert


coater leadman maint

very pleased with product and service, timimng to get product after order placed was great fast turn around, will recomend to others

By Gary



You couldn't ask for a better product.. No matter what the liquid is, this product absorbs it neatly and quickly.. I have recommended it to other future prospects..

By Shane


Awesome product!

These absorbent pads are the best we have ever used...easily dispensed, tremendous absorbency, generously sized, very well priced...what more can you ask for?

By Shane


Tough as pig hide!

These absorbent pads never stop amazing me with their toughness ! I use them in our machine shop and the other pads we were using were not holding up , but these are lasting 4 x as long!

By Ken



Does a very good job of keeping our floor dry in a narrow hallway.

By Chuck


Great product

Quick delivery and a great product!

By Roberta


Pig mats:can't live without 'em

2 floods in one of our production areas. Always keep Pigmats on hand. Definitely made cleaning up the disaster easier job.

By Keith


Absorbs like no other

These PIG mats really absorb well and take the mess out of hydraulic oil leaks.

By Ethan


Good stuff

We are very pleased with these absorbant mats! Shipped quickly and the box doubles as a dispenser.

By Richard


Absorbent mat pads

We use these all the time for larger messes. They work great and you can't go wrong. We sometimes use these as a protective covering for our workbenches on smaller, dirty projects too.

By Doug


Wipe up those little left over drops

Do not wait until you have a spill! We also use the socks to place around the plug of our canisters while draining from the plug. They are wrapped to create a barrier to pool the liquid and its stays right by the drain until empty. Just pick up the socks when done use the wipes to get the last little bit and remove the wet floor sign and you are good to go. Thanks New Pig!

By Rich


We love our pig mats!

We are a small desiel performance shop in NY. These mats work exactly as promised. Clean up is a breeze! Although a bit pricey, if used appropriately these mats are a must-have in our shop. Thanks New Pig!!

By Corey



needed a pad that could soak up oil while not leaving any lint behind. These worked great for wiping or just letting it sit and soak up the oil.

By Daniel


Excellent purchase

I have ordered similar material in a different color and cheaper price, but the Pig mat is by far the better value no matter the price, it is much more absorbent and the dispenser box is easier to keep to store. it also serves well as a countertop mat to place samples and equipment on, easy to replace once its done its job. Highly recomend product

By Christina



As always, a pleasure doing business with New Pig. Fast ordering process, fast delivery, great products! thank you!

By Tammy


Awesome product...the best in the industry

Our company uses nothing but PIG absorbents for all leaks and spills. These pads are unbelievably absorbent! We have tried other companies products and they don't even come close to PIG's quality. We reorder every month and have for years...thank you!!!

By jason


slurpping up sloppies

this is the good stuff. cleans what is needed and doesnot leave a mess, and i alos use for transporting cooked meat in an icechest and it works great, keeps food hot and keeps leaks in pan under controll!!

By Rick


Rick's review

We have been using New Pig absorbant mats, etc...for quite some time. We have tried different mats and for our general applications, the the MAT240 works well. We have also tried the blue mats, which were a little to fiberous for us since we are mainly a coating facility and fibers can be a major headache. We occasionally use the socks also when needed. Regards, Rick

By Shawn


Pigmat 240

Been using the Mat240 pads for years. Our customer s and service techs love them because they are universal.

By Erica


No puddles here...

Our maintenance shop uses these pads every day. We have tried other brands, but nothing compares to the PIGMATS. They soak up quickly and are great for the price. I will keep purchasing these for a long time.

By chris


Absorbent Mat Pad

Great Product, with great service what else would you expect from Newpig :) Tyvm Chris

By Peter


Absorbent Mat Pad

This product has been a life saver in so many different situations. Great product. I use it all the time.

By Trisha


Works Great!

We use these in our shop and out of our shop. They are convenient and very easy to use!

By Robert


maint lead man

very easy to deal with when called very nice product good material and last long

By Mary


My Pig review

Product definitely helps with messy floor spills.

By Adam


Mat 240 review

This product is an excellent adjunct to the roll mat. We use it under drip buckets and in areas that are hard to access. It dispenses easily making it a favorite with employees.

By Patsy


PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box Item# MAT240

I have had this product in several locations in several of our dealerships. The ease of access for our techs has been a money saver. Being able to quickly get to pads and on to spill keeps my techs from having to look around for something to clean up mess.Saving valualbe time in clean up is a win win for us as well as our customers. Faster and better clean up gets them back to working on the job and less running around. Will continue to use because this works so well and alot faster than mopping and just spreading around fluid and having a slippery work area. Great customer service and products make life easier to deal with the spill and messes that can and will happen. Thanks for the great products!

By Al


Box of Heavy Duty Mats.

I like that they are perforated, making easier more effecient use. I also like the neatness of the packaging.

By Glenn


Oig Mats

Absolutely a great product - we use them for oil changes, spills, dripping drums or cans.

By Christina



The absorbent mats work very well for what we need, are easy to store and easy to use with the pop-up container, and the delivery is always quick. Ordering is always easy and quick as well. Service at Pig is always outstanding and I absolutely love the promotional gimmicks they offer! They always make me want to place an order. I would absolutely order these Mats again and again. I do love Pig produts and services, if i would have any type of complaint, it would be that they are slightly high on price. But I will keep using them because the product and service is outstanding. Thanks,

By Billy


Excellent Absorbent Pads

Easy to use. Picks up lots of liquuid and fast. Stays intack after absortion.

By Valerie


super absorbant

These mats absorb alot of liquid. Great for avoiding potential spill clean up. I use them inside biohazzard waste boxes to sponge up any extra liquid. Great product!

By Kristy



Great company to work with. Everything ships in a timely matter. customer service always points you in the correct location. Product is the best out there. We wouldnt use anything else.

By Billy


Awesome Absorbent

Easy to use and really sucks up the liquid.

By Nathan


In the nick of time

I bought my first two boxes of these to try them out. Little did I know that we would experience a record rainfall the next week. We are soon to move into a new office addition to our building, and the old office roof sprung multiple leaks. The PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad was amazing! It soaked up leaks that the buckets couldn't catch. Thank you New Pig!

By Donald


Outstanding Performance

This is the first time I have purchased the Pig214 Absorbent Socks, although I have purchased the MATT240s numerous times, and if the quality of the socks are as good as the MATTS (and they are), they will continue to be on my list for absorbent products from here on out. Matts and Socks from Pig are outstanding.. Don Komlofske Woven Metal Products

By Purchasing


Excellent Item

This item works great!!!! I would recommend this item to everyone.

By Brian



Love these mats, good ridn's to floor dry!

By Christian


MAT240 pig mats

The pig mats work very well with soaking up spilled oil and Jet fuel. I'm very surprised as to how much they are able to hold.

By Brandon


Pig Mat240

The product is very good for our applications in our machine shop. What I am impressed with is the customer service I receive when purchasing products through you. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. -B. Arkle

By Joanna


Very absorbent mats

Perfect "little diapers" for the aircraft in the hangar. thanks

By Heather



This mat works great. It is very effective in oil absorption.

By Christina




By Terri


Super absorbent ........

We have been using Pig Pads for as long as I Have been working for my Company, eleven years at least. They are the best at absorbing water and oil. My drillers keep them on their trucks at all times.

By Wayne



I have had no problem with the pig blankets thus far. thank you

By Lester


Pig Mats

Pig mats are the Bomb! Great for soaking up any kind of liquid! Every Maintenance Shop should have these on hand at all times. These always perform as expected every time. I will purchase these again.

By Jason


MAT240 Works Great

We have used these for years, they work excellent around our equipment to keep the floor oil free.

By Wendy


excellent product

the universal mat is excellent to use for oil and grease messes. It was delivered within a week.

By David


excellent product

you can't go wrong with #MAT240 PIG mats. Lay them on oil, grease,water and they clean it right up. They also work great for keeping a counter, cart or floor clean when storing and working with dirty and leaking parts or tools. A great product, I would recommend these to anyone with a shop.

By Larry


PIG® Universal Mat #MAT240.

Excellent product for absorbing liquids of all kinds. They come perforated for easy tearing in half for small spills. They instantly absorb liquids on contact right out of the box. The mats can be wrung out and re-used like a shamie. You can use them on any surface with out damaging it, Ex: cars, planes, glass, floors, counters. My order is always shipped on time, product always in stock. I highly recomend this product.

By Mike


Great Product

I really like this product, works well in a small area for storage proposes. And I really like the Snout speaker I got with it. AMAZING

By Eric


Works Great!

I use these mats to collect oil around equipment and under oil cans. They do a great job!

By Monica


Universal Mat

don't hear any complaints about this mat. The technicians and operators like them better than the other mats we used to clean spills. Good customer service and it ships quickly. Thank you very much!

By Richard


Valspar Review

We use allot of these for coating and water spills. Work great and fast delivery.

By David


Here Piggy Piggy

This is a great product. I would highly recommend using this product for all types of spill cleanup. I would and will buy Pig Mats again.



Pig Mats

We love the Pig Mats!!! The are the "Softer Picker-Upers"! My hats off to New Pig for their fast delivery! I've been buying these for several years and I will definitely purchase these for years to come. Thanks!!

By Velvet


Works great!

Product works great, easy to use, and fast service A+++!

By David


What a great product!

For as much as we seem to spill, it's like it never happened with these mats. We use them everywhere in our press room. I like that they are reusable and can handle anything liquid.

By Christine


Universal Pig Mats

Love them! Absorbent and easy to grab! Quick delivery! Will definitely purchase again.

By Ken


Pig Mats

Great product,Great service

By Cindy


We love PIG MATS!

We love these pig mats! The size is perfect for small spills and larger ones and you don't waste because you can decide if you need a large mat or a smaller one just by pulling them apart. The clean up fast and look good doing it!!!!

By Cindy


We love PIG MATS!

They are 50% recycled material so we are that much closer to being GREEN!

By Nathan


Pig Mats

Pig Mats are great for the job of soaking up liquids. If you use it for just water you can dry them out and reuse, Soaked with other liquids well do as you may but for us the Pig Mats take on a serious amount of water before being completly saturated.

By Jason


Great product

The MAT240 is a wonderful product! We use it for many different apps. We catch small oil drips to using them as pads to wipe our machines down. The New Pig service is second to none, which is sometimes hard to find in todays world.

By Peter


MAT240 absorbent pads

I use the MAT240 pads all the time it's a great product and works very good.


Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.