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PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad

Lightweight, 15" x 20", 200 pads
PIG Mat lasts 2x longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs. Absorbs everything. Works everywhere.   Read More 

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$108.00 $101.00 $89.00
Pig Exclusive Recycled Content


PIG Mat lasts 2x longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs. Absorbs everything. Works everywhere.
  • Lasts 2X longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs, absorbs everything, works everywhere; that's why more plants worldwide use PIG Mat than any other brand
  • Eight layers of 100% polypropylene are thermally bonded to make PIG Mat the strongest mat on the market; won't rip, tear or fray even when saturated
  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave liquids or fiber residue behind
  • Absorbs most common industrial liquids - oils, water, solvents, coolants and more
  • Absorbed leaks and drips blend right in; dark gray color hides grime so mat stays on the job longer
  • Can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending
  • Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills
  • Easy-tear perforations let you take only what you need so you use less mat and save money
  • Light-weight construction is ideal for small tasks and cleanups
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Traffic Not Recommended for Foot Traffic
Static-Dissipative No
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Floating No
Perforated Pattern 10" x 15" sections
Reusable No
Wringable Yes
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Gray
Dimensions 15" W x 20" L
Mat Weight Lightweight
Recycled Content 25% or more Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 22 gal. per bag
Absorbency per Up to 14.08 oz. per pad
Brand PIG
Category PIG® Absorbent Mat
Perforated Yes
Sold as 200 pads per bag
Weight 17 lbs.
NSN (National Stock Number) 4235-01-379-8381, 7930-01-436-8313
# per Pallet 36
Composition Polypropylene
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 11


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By richard


Awesome Mats!

We use these mats everyday. Excellent quality and great Customer service Provided. Fast shipping on products!

By John



We have used this product for years and it so much cleaner than other products (oil dry, moss, cat litter). You can use the pad for a number of different oils and fluids. Great product and I would recommend it to any shop!

By Pam


Love these!!

I love the way these absorb, but, I also appreciate the compact packaging these arrive in. Plus, the carry handle is amazing!!! Love New Pig!!

By Tim



We've used other oil pads in the past but I prefer the MAT204's because of their absorbency. My techs use less pads to clean up the same mess.

By Josh


Pig Mats

PIG has a great product and is able to get the orders shipped to us quickly. GREAT COMPANY to ORDER FROM!!!!!!




Our company has been using Pig Mat 204 for nearly 20 years and, our service technicians are hogs for the mats. To avoid running out, we put these on auto ship to minimize any squealing from the techs! Without fail, NEW PIG is there for us with a product that works and the company that we can count on to help us take care of messy issues.

By Richard


Absorbent Mat Pad


By Larry


Quick and Easy

We use these pads throughout our plant. They are a quick, easy, and effective way to contain and clean up leaks and spills.

By andrew


great absorbent

I use these pad everyday on my liquid lines and great reduces clean ups and messes that are normal everyday spills for us. one pad goes along way!!!

By Tommy


Friendly Service

The representatives that take my sales calls are always SUPER friendly and helpful. New Pig products are great, but the thing that I appreciate the most is the friendly, personable service, that New Pig always delivers.

By Kasia


The A team

I was given a project at work that required me to purchase 200 padlocks keyed the same as well as 100 sets of drums locks to fit a 2" bung and 3/4" bung. The purchase was a result of a Home Land Security Audit. At the time I did not know I had the A team assisting me. First we made sure of the count of drum locks and padlocks that was required. Then we chose what we thought would be the best lock for our needs. At this point Linda Patterson works her magic. Shortly after I called her Linda had pricing for me for both items. Needless to say the Safety team was impressed and gave us the go ahead. So I placed the orders and waited for my items. Upon their arrival the question of whether I purchased the correct lock or not came up. How do you know this lock will work? So immediately I called Linda and her team and asked the question "How do we know this lock is going to work" Linda and her team said because we called Masterlock and asked them which of their locks is right for the drum locks. Needless to say my project was a success and I owe it all to Linda and her team. Thanks!

By Eric


Pig Mats

New Pig is a great company. These Pig Mats work great around the shop. Delivery's are quick and always on time. One more thing that make them great is their Customer Service Team. They are very professional and always so kind and helpful. This makes working with them a joy every time. Keep up the good work.

By Gary


Superb Service

Thanks for the super fast turnaround for our recent order. We used a lot of supplies during a recent spill and depleted our stock. Fortunately, we received our order in less than a week and completely resupplied our apparatus with the necessary supplies! Also, ordering was really made easy by Customer Service. Thanks for a fantastic job.

By Peggy


Awesome Products

Customer service is always so pleasant and friendly to work with. I can always hear the smile in their voice. The products are awesome. I receive immediate confirmations and receive the products within 2 business days. Keep up the great work!

By George


A Must Have

These pads make safety and compliance easy. We keep the strategically place around our shop so we can mitigate small spills before they become large spills. It also helps to prevent people from walking the spilled material into other areas.



As Usual Pigtastic!

As Usual Pigtastic! The ordering is fast and easy. Customer service reps are wonderful. Others have also stated the best is confirmations are received within minutes and shipments are here within 2 business days. We go through at least 1000+ a month of these mats!

By Angelica


Favorite item!

This is one of my favorite items to order from New Pig. We use it through out our whole facility, from plant to the kitchen and offices. 1 mat soaks up so much!

By Peggy


Awesome Products

These are the best absorbent mats ever! Their Customer Service Team are awesome to work with. Confirmations are received within minutes and shipments are here within 2 business days.

By Quinton


Can't do without them!

My automotive repair shop used "oil dry" for years! It was messy, hard to use, ineffective and hard to dispose of. We started using Pig Mats a few years ago and now we must have them to take care of our messes and spills. They work great and we have banned "oil dry" from our shop. We LOVE New Pig!

By David


Look No Further

So. We've tried all the other mats that compare to the Pig Mats. No they don't. Period. With these mats you get an absorbent that works as advertised, with fast shipping and a responsive sales team. What are you waiting for - get some !!

By Bill


Great absorbents

Great absorbents, do a good job, would recommend highly




As always quick and easy ordering for a fine product. We go through over 1000 a month on the pig mats. Squeal with delight!

By Richard


awesome mats great price

I have auto order so I don't ever have to worry about running out of my pig mats. They are very absorbent at a good price I do recommend them to other people for all your clean up needs.

By Mike



By far the best absorbent mat I have ever used.

By Robert


Great product. Easy to store and use.

We love these spill mats. We use in our restaurants to pick up all the various moisture spills throughout. We have saved a lot of slips and money by always keeping these on hand.

By Nick


Pig mats are great

First customer service at Pig is always easy and efficient. I have been a customer for years. Will not buy absorbent mats from anyone else. Believe me I have tried others and there is no comparison for the price and performance. I have bought a variety of products to deal with spills at my auto repair shop. Do yourself a favor and buy Pig products.

By Janice


Rootin' Tootin'

Customer service is always so enjoyable, not to mention knowledgeable. They seem so happy to be at work at New Pig, almost like a rootin-tootin time. They know exactly what I need before I know what I need. You website is so easy to order from as well. I love the fact that you have short part numbers. I even sent a PO by email once and I received confirmation immediately. Keep up the great work team!

By amanda


Excellent Service

I enjoy calling customer service. The CXC reps are always friendly and professional. They seem to enjoy their job. I also take advantage of their promotions. I have a lot of shirts with the New Pig logo on them. The shirt is a good conversational piece.




We continue to go through over 1,000 of these each month. Numerous usages throughout the plant from work table covers to machine drip pans these mats are awesome. We have a strong FOD policy and these fit the bill. Ordering is quick and easy and all customer reps are knowledgeable and efficient!

By Richard


Gotta Love Those Pig Mats

At the Express-News we use pig mats all the time and I don't even have to make a new order every month, I got with my New Pig Rep. and she set it up to where every month at about the same date and time my pig mats automatically are sent to me. reliable and very absorbent.




We go through over 1,000 of these each month. Numerous usages throughout the plant from work table covers to machine drip pans these mats are awesome. Virtually lint free. Ordering is quick and easy and all customer reps are knowledgeable and efficient!

By Michael


Perfect for Diesel Shops

Have used these mats in many different shops that I have worked for. Have not found any product that works as good as Pig Mats. Also the support from Karissa when ordering was perfect. She was able to answer all the questions I had as well as offer other products that would work for what I was needing with out being pushy. Great company to work with and great people to have as the face of the company.

By Beth



We use this around our machines if there are spills and its super absorbent!! Wouldn't use anything else!! And they keep our safety manager happy too!

By jason


Pig Mat

It works , Better than other brands , we use it in large quantities for resin ,oil ,water just about everything on the lines , now house keeping has started using them too

By Ed


pig mats

I work for a large format printer we have large machines with automatic oilers which make this product a necessity we have tried other brand some cheaper some more costly but nothing works like a pig mat

By kraig



I use these mats daily in my shop to keep my area free from any fluids on the floor. they absorb and hold so much fluid and are perfect for anyone who has any sort of spill.

By Andres


New Pig service

You guys are great, always have stock and send my stuff really fast. Thank you for your help!

By Josh


Absorbent Mat Pad

These work amazingly well. I work in the aviation industry and we stock all of our trucks and fuel farms with these pads. They do a great job retaining oil and fuel spills and also work great in protecting sensitive areas. I have tried other brands and by far the Pig brand mats stand out as the best.

By Craig



We use a lot of these in our shop and they are great. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a product like this.

By Janelle


Pig Absorbent Mat MAT204

We use these a lot in our lab. They are easy to use and they work great on spills.

By Bruce


Hamming It Up

These pads are the quickest easiest way to clean up any spill. We keep them on hand around our mowing equipment and grab them quickly and use them until they are almost full. Not quite enough for a pig to waller in them though.

By Melissa


Awesome Product

This product is great. I signed up just to leave a review. The customer service from New Pig is better than any other company I order products from, always a pleasent experience. These pads are so easy to grab and throw at a spill or place in a spot to catch a leak. We have been using them for years and have signed up for autoship which is very convenient. I could have just emailed a change to my autoship but I called just so I could speak to a friendly person =)

By Chris


The best

We have tried many of these from many different companies until we found these. They perform much better than any other brand and cost roughly the same.

By Helen



This product has served our needs better then any product out here. Were in hog heaven with it and the service provided by your company!

By Katie



We have been ordering the same mats for years and wouldn't switch. They get used all over our manufacturing facility




We use this mat for everything from an oil spill to water coming in the door! We purchase these over and over again and we get them in just two days from ordering!!! Great Service great company!!

By Helen



This product works great for all spills. We love it here.

By Larry



good product easy to use




We use these mats all of the time and we have found them to be a cut above the rest. You maybe able to cut cost and purchase from a lower cost supplier but you will never find this great quality and customer service.

By Jennifer


Sorbent Pads

Every painter carries several on hand at all times for those unexpected moments both large and small accidents. I like the ability to tear it in half for small jobs and on my portable workspace it is like getting twice as many pads with a lot less waste. These pads are a must have in our shop. Delivery time is quick and product performance is as described and promoted.




We are using the Mat204 for covering the Lab benches and under equipment .they are looking good and clean for customers or/and visitors . We was used other Mat/paper suppliers , but my Lab technicians like Pig absorbent the most .Thank you

By Kent


Hog Heaven

I was in hog heaven when i recieved my slop pads. We use these pads for all types of slop and spills. My guys are happier the a pig in ship-ping when they can go to the warehuse and just pick up a couple of pads. As long as they are in stock my guys don't swine to much, but when we run out of pads all they do is squeal like a litter of piglets. The service I receive from New Pig is always outstanding and when I have to talk to someone it is always been plesurable. Thanks for all your products.

By Walter


Pig Absorbents

The product is great.

By Bonnie


Pigmat order

Hi, We love the Mat204 for our repair station. I was disappointed to spend $800.00 and not get anything free. I deal with alot of vendors, and once you are over the $500.00 mark you start getting free stuff. Other than that I was satisifed with the order. thanks,

By Marcelino



excellent product, we love it, does the job better than any other simmilar product ,pricing is more than fair and the delivery is always been rigth.

By Michael


Mat Reveiw

Overall good product. It preforms as advertised.


Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.

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