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PIG® Base Neutralizing Spill Kit in Bucket

Absorbs up to 4 gal., Absorbs Bases
Safely respond to corrosive spills with this specially equipped spill kit containing neutralizing absorbents and PPE.   Read More 

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Safely respond to corrosive spills with this specially equipped spill kit containing neutralizing absorbents and PPE.
  • All absorbents in this specially-designed kit neutralize base or caustic spills
  • Base Neutralizing Socks stop spreading spills; Base Neutralizing Mats, Pillows and Loose soak up puddled liquid
  • Changes color on contact and during neutralization with liquid bases (pH above 7); color change continues until pH becomes neutral and is safe for handling
  • Gelling agents solidify bases during neutralization; prevents them from leaching out
  • Lightweight, 100% polyethylene container resists chemicals
  • Container's molded-in handles make it easy to carry
  • Weather-proof, hinged, polypropylene lid allows easy access and keeps contents clean, dry and secure
  • Contents are organized for quick, efficient response
  • Includes PPE to guard against caustic materials
  • Bold "Spill Kit" lettering for quick identification
  • Temporary disposal bags with ties help make cleanup easier
  • For info on custom kits, just call 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647)
  • Spill Kit dimensions are approximate


Wheels Included No
Container Type Bucket
Fluid Absorbed Bases
Color White
Dimensions 13.25" W x 16.25" L x 12.75" H
Absorbency Up to 4 gal.
Brand PIG
High Visibility No
See-Through No
Sold as 1 each
Weight 20 lbs.
# per Pallet 36
Composition Container - Polyethylene (HDPE)
Absorbents - Polymer, Citric Acid, Thymol Blue Blend
Gloves - Neoprene, Latex
Apron - Polyethylene-Coated Tyvek
Disposal Bags - Polyethylene

5 - 11" W x 12" L PIG® Base Encapsulating & Neutralizing Mat Pad (MAT353)

2 - 12" W x 12" L x 1" H PIG® Base Encapsulating & Neutralizing Pillow (PIL353)

2 - ext. dia. 2" x 4' L PIG® Base Encapsulating & Neutralizing Sock (PIG353)

3 - PIG® Base Encapsulating/Neutralizing Loose Absorbent (PLP805)

1 - Faceshield Headgear

1 - Clear Faceshield

1 - Safety Goggles

1 - Pair Neoprene Gloves

1 - PE Coated Apron

2 - 18" W x 30" H Polyethylene Disposal Bags

1 - Instructions

1 - HDPE Container

UNSPSC 47131905
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 122



Base Absorbents Notice

Avoid contact with metallic nitrates, cyanides, sulfides and strong oxidizers. Contact with sodium or calcium hypochlorite creates chlorine gas.

HAZ-MAT Notice

To ensure effectiveness and your safety, we recommend that you conduct compatibility and absorption testing of your chemicals with PIG® HAZ-MAT products prior to purchase. If you have any questions or need samples to test, please call Technical Services.