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PIG® Battery Acid Spill Pack

Absorbs up to 4.5 gal., Absorbs Acids
Vacuum sealed, tamper resistant packaging ensures battery acid spill kit is complete and ready to go when you need it.   Read More 

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Vacuum sealed, tamper resistant packaging ensures battery acid spill kit is complete and ready to go when you need it.
  • Unique, high-visibility foil vacuum package protects contents and deters pilfering
  • PIG HazMat Socks stop spreading spills; PIG HazMat Pads absorb quickly
  • Easy access to supplies for spill cleanup - absorbent mats and socks, PPE, disposal bag and nylon tie
  • Built-in grommets and handle make carrying or mounting easy
  • Only PIG Spill Kits feature PIG Absorbents proven for rapid response
  • Spill Kit dimensions are approximate


Wheels Included No
Container Type Portable Bag
Fluid Absorbed Acids
Color Silver
Dimensions 23" W x 28.5" H
Absorbency Up to 4.5 gal.
Brand PIG
High Visibility No
See-Through No
Type of Battery Lead-Acid Battery
Sold as 1 each
Weight 5.41 lbs.
# per Pallet 60
Composition Mats, Socks - 100% Polypropylene
Gloves - Neoprene
Goggles - Polycarbonate
Apron - Polyethylene-coated Tyvek
Bags - Polyethylene
Package - Foil

20 - 15" W x 20" L PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Mat Pad (MAT302)

3 - ext. dia. 3" x 46" L PIG® HazMat Chemical Absorbent Sock (124CR)

1 - Economy Goggle (GLS290-AF)

1 - Neoprene Glove

1 - Apron

1 - 36" W x 60" H Polyethylene Disposal Bags (BAG201-L)

1 - Vacuum Sealed Foil Bag

UNSPSC 47131905
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 125

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Based on 3 reviews

By Nick


Spill Kit Deployed

We purchased this spill kit after having to use another for cleaning up a leaking battery. This kit is great since it not only comes with the PPE but it also contains the disposal materials as well.

By Jessie


Good Product

Very accessible and liked the fact that I could hang on a hook

By Cindy


A Swine Pack

This is a great small compact kit for when you don't have a lot of space for a barrow type spill kit, but you still need to have a spill kit avaiable. It has everything you hope you won't need when you have a spill. I like that is has the big red sticker and you can hang it on the wall out of the way or on the side of the equipment for easy access.

Additional Information

  • Chemical Compatibility for PIG Spill Kits
  • Instructions for PIG Spill Kits
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for PIG® HAZ-MAT Absorbents
  • 29 CFR 1910.178(g)(2)
    Where forklift batteries are stored, "Facilities shall be provided for flushing and neutralizing spilled electrolyte, for fire protection, for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks, and for adequate ventilation for dispersal of fumes from gassing batteries."
  • 40 CFR 263.30(a)
    Immediate action (a) In the event of a discharge of hazardous waste during transportation, the transporter must take appropriate immediate action to protect human health and the environment (e.g., notify local authorities, dike the discharge area).
  • 40 CFR 263.31
    Discharge Clean up. A transporter must clean up any hazardous waste discharge that occurs during transportation or take such action as may be required or approved by Federal, State, or local officials so that the hazardous waste discharge no longer presents a hazard to human health or the environment.


HAZ-MAT Notice

To ensure effectiveness and your safety, we recommend that you conduct compatibility and absorption testing of your chemicals with PIG® HAZ-MAT products prior to purchase. If you have any questions or need samples to test, please call Technical Services.

Hydrofluoric Acid Notice

Do not use with hydrofluoric acid.