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Pig Blue® Absorbent Mat Pad

Heavyweight, 15" x 19", 100 pads
Soaks up common industrial liquids and delivers more absorbency per pad so you use less, leave it down longer and save money.   Read More 

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Pig Exclusive Recycled Content AutoShip Eligible


Soaks up common industrial liquids and delivers more absorbency per pad so you use less, leave it down longer and save money.
  • Clean up big, persistent leaks and drips, especially in hard-to-reach areas with our heavyweight absorbency pads -- they pack more absorbency than anything else we offer to save you money and give you a clean, safe workplace
  • Stays down longer because it can absorb so much! Pig Blue is perfect for steady leaks and drips and in areas where changeouts are difficult, like under machines or generators or in hard-to-reach areas
  • Saves you time and money by soaking up large volumes and staying down longer; it won’t fall apart, even when it’s soaked and absorbs liquid quickly for faster, easier cleanups
  • Absorbs most common industrial liquids - oils, coolants, solvents, water and more
  • Perforations allow you to tear off small or large pieces
  • Eco-friendly mat contains 90% recycled fibers
  • Fire retardant for added safety; flame-tested in accordance with ASTM Standard E84-08
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Traffic Not Recommended for Foot Traffic
Static-Dissipative No
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Floating No
Perforated Pattern 7.5" x 19" sections
Reusable No
Wringable Yes
Incinerable No
Flammability Specifications Flame Retardant - Will not carry a flame
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Blue
Dimensions 15" W x 19" L
Mat Weight Heavyweight
Recycled Content 90% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 34 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 43 oz. per pad
Brand PIG
Category Pig Blue® Absorbent Mat
Perforated Yes
Sold as 100 pads per box
Weight 16.5 lbs.
New Pig Patent 8,182,927
# per Pallet 12
Composition Natural & Recycled Fiber Blend
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 9


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By Grant


Quality Products!

They are all very friendly and efficient, a pleasure to do business with!

By Christopher


My go to absorbent pad.

I won't use any other model or brand. Absorbs the most oil and water period.

By Patrick


Great for Specialty Use

We have several fully pneumatic tire mounting machines, which exhaust a small amount of pneumatic oil during operation. This resulted in sticky oily stains under each machine. These mats are perfect for absorbing the discharge, leaving our floors clean at the end of the day. No more having to get out the mop and degreaser to clean up an oily mess.

By Kris


Pig Blue Absorbent Mat Pad

These work great for oil, grease and water. We use them all the time and they have been a life saver

By Ron



These Blue Pig mats are great and really soak up water

By Owen


Most absorbent pad I’ve ever used

These are great. Soak up everything you put them on. Holds a lot of liquid. Worth every penny

By Chris


Blu 101

These absorbent mats work really well for all kinds of spills. would highly recommend the Blu101 mats.

By susan


Pig Blu

These are the best, we use them in both plants, for all kinds of things from spills to catchalls. Great price and they last a long time

By Gordon


Pig Blue Absorbent Mat Pad

These pads are excellent in keeping oil drips and leaks contained. They can be cut to size or shape very easily to put under leaking controls or valves. Only pad we need and use. All PIG products we have used, perform well.

By Richard


Order / shipment

I have ordered from your company for quite some time now, and I must say each order has been complete without any issues. Shipment was received in a timely manner. I look forward to continue with purchases. I appreciate you guys.

By Mark


Simply Blu101

The color is blue; the price is fair. The competition, just cant compare. Leaks and Drips absorb so quick. Large spills too, like an oil slick. Perforations make it easy to tear, But wont fall apart from all that wear. BLU101, to sum up, is great. Buy it today, ships the same date.

By Jason



I purchase "PIG" brand absorbent pads ONLY! They never let us down and are an excellent deal!

By Matt


Blue Pad 101

Such an awesome absorbent pad. Use it all the time for leaking machines. Because of their absorbency they can be used for a long period of time.

By Dyanna


Super absorbent and versatile!

Blue Pig pads are the best for whatever moisture is on your floor. From rain leaks to spills, it's our go to for all of our leak and spill needs.

By Peter


The Best!

These pads are the best! I have these on autoship so we don't run out.

By Steve


Great all around pad

Have been using them for about 7 years and love how absorbent they are, work great in the Wastewater Industry.

By Carol



These mats are very oil absorbent. I like that you can select a smaller size. We use them daily in our automotive repair shop to prevent oily spills.

By Dyanna


Pig Blue Mats do what they say they will do

We started using the blue mats several years ago. They are so versatile to use they've become the only absorbent mat we use. We're definitely sold on this product!

By Barbara


Best at absorbing!!

Love the absorbing, but a lot of microfiber. And really doesn’t stand up to use and then wipe up. Designated on pick up. The other pads are better suited for companies that do a lot of water spills. Five stars for absorption but three stars on the fiber.

By Sherri


Pig Blue Pad

This absorbent pad is great! We have some pretty messy marvins here and this blue pad is excellent at picking up their spills. We only purchase this absorbent mat pad and wouldn't think about any other.

By Lloyd


Pig Blue heavyweight champion!

We have normally uses the standard grey universal absorbent mats, which I like, But one of our techs ordered these to try out. We had a unit that was leaking oil and couldn't be shut down right away. Let me tell you, these are awesome at oil absorption and retention. They allow me fewer change outs and greater spill control. They are my "go to" mat!

By Jeanne


Blue Absorbent Pig Mat

Absorbent - handy - easy to store - easy to use



Very Effective Absorbant

These are Great pads. They are extremely efficient with a great economical value. The versatility of this pad really comes in handy around our shop we can almost overlook the fibers it sheds.

By Peter


Best Around

These absorbent mats are the best around! They meet our needs and are easy to use. The Autoship program is convenient and ensures we don't run out. Highly recommended!

By Melvin


These things WORK

These pads absorb an amazing volume of liquid. My techs only complaints are that they tend to shed fibers, which make them less suitable for final project wipe down.

By Austin


Great Mats!!

By Jody



These are super-convenient! The can be used as is or torn in half by the perforation to get just the size we need. They are durable, and stand up to foot traffic. They absorbed so much more than I thought they would. Just what we were looking for!

By Mark



These mats were so much more absorbent than I anticipated. I have been soaking up a leak that I cant fix, for a couple of weeks now and one pad is still working. Great product

By Peter


Does the job!

These absorbent mats are ideal for use in my labs -- they're not bulky and handle the moisture generated by our equipment. Autoship keeps us in stock without any worries.

By Melvin


We're not singing the "BLUES"

My techs really like the high absorbency and the fact these big blue pads soak up everything. If you have ever watched a fuel truck make a delivery and wondered what happens when the driver disconnects that big hose... Well it goes into a buried container which must be emptied of fuel, candy wrappers, rain water and just about anything else blowing around the parking lot. That's where my guys use the big blue pig pads.

By Anthony


Unbeatable Quality and Customer Service

We did some major shopping around before picking products for our environmental company. PIG products are top notch and their customer service will spoil you.

By Elizabeth



These are by far the best absorbent mats my company has used. I even sneak a few home for my own garage. From oil to water to coolant. These babies know no bounds. You could say they are the super "PIG" of all mats around.

By Larry


Best on the market!!

After trying to save money I've tried other companies Absorbent Mats I have to say Pig Blue Absorbent Mat Pads are definitely the best out there. I recommend them to all my friends in the automotive business and commercial companies.

By Peter


The Right Stuff

We use these pads regularly in our labs. They provide just what is needed, and the autoship keeps us in stock.

By Dale


Awesome Product!

I use these all the time to absorb oil and glycol. They are strong enough to wring out and reuse on bigger spills. I'll never go back to any other brand.

By jeff


Awesome Pads!!!

Absorbs great, awesome pads!!!!

By Elizabeth


Can't live without them!!

These are the best absorbent mats around!! Work in an auto dealership with plenty of messes. Soaks up everything we've thrown at it. One mat goes a LONG way. Keep a secret stash just for the office.

By Andrew


Work Well

I work at a paint company we use these pads all the time for paint spills they work great!!!!!!!

By Peter


Pig Blue Pads Are Great!

These pads consistently meet our needs and are convenient to use. We have them on Autoship to make sure we don't run out.

By Tony


Useful and Handy

These wipes are used for cleaning equipment between color changes. The absorbency is adequate for the use and the ability to reduce the size is very helpful.

By Sherri



We work in an industrial lubricant shop and unfortunately we have some messy Marvin's that work out there. These absorbent pads are great and do the trick every time. They absorb the oil fluid without spreading it around or soaking through the pad. Excellent product!!

By Debra


Mobile's Best Storage

We are in the self storage industry and use these pads on a daily basis for water spills from customers, roof leaks and at the doors under our mats during rainy days. We also use them under our AC drain pans for overflows. They absorb quite a bit of water and can be rung out and used over.

By reynerio


works great!!!

we work at airport and they are very strict about oil leak or spills. these blue mats are our life saver. very easy and convenient to use and cuts cleaning time in half and less hazardous waste.

By Andrew


spill pads

I work for a paint company and use these to pick up all kinds of spills. they work great

By Eric


Awesome Mat

These mats are super absorbent. They soak up pretty much anything, and then some.

By Dale


Heavyweight Champ!

Same great quality as their standard Pig Blue mats, but with extra capacity. These are great for those unfortunate bigger spills under machines. I'll never use another product.

By Andrew


blue pads

work in paint company they work very well on picking up all kinds of spills.



Thick Blue Pads

These pads are super thick and work really well. Normally we use a few pads on the floor when the aircraft springs a leak but with these thick pads one is enough. I watched one of the guys use these as knee pads then mop up the area when he was finished. Great price and multi-functional. WIN WIN! :)

By Jackie


First choice

The Tech's in our shop choose these mats above all the others I have purchased. They like the way they absorb and use them on the floors as well as work benches to catch the mess they make.

By Buddy


Pig Blue

We have tried many other absorbent pads in the past but find that the Pig Blue mat pads are the best quality and a great value so don't get fooled by the wannabe's.

By Eric



These pads work great. They soak up an amazing amount of liquid. Very cost effective over other mats we have used.

By Peter


BLU101 Review

I have found that the BLU101 pads perform just as advertised. These items meet our needs in soaking up small spills and avoid safety problems with slippery floors.

By David


This product has worked very well in our day today operations. Oil spills are quickly picked up. Small leaks are no longer a headache, just put a pad down to catch it in between repairs. Works perfect for our pit grates/walk area.

By Peter


Pig Blue Absorbent Pad Review

Product arrived in a timely manner. Product provides a good value in giving us a means to soak up spills and ensure employee and equipment safety. Highly recommended.

By Tim


Mops the floor with the competition

I operate a chemical plant in the Northern tier of the US. I came to work on the 5th of Janurary after a long weekend and 18 inches of snow. I found a brown puddle of oil that had popped up over the weekend. I instantly started putting down some Pig Blue® Absorbent Mat Pad Item

By Paul


Convienence and performance

We use this for spot coverage in a beverage distribution warehouse. During fast paced operations it can be tough to get a mop right to a spill, so we have Blue absorbant mats located in key areas to have a quick clean up, and keep the floors safe. Excellent product.

By lito



cheap-good absorbent pad & color is bright-easy to pull out on my van

By Donna


Pig Fabulous

Pig Fabulous Pads These pads are the best for any type of absorbent needs. This Company is well maintained always great service and nice packaging.. Keep up the good work you should be very proud of your products and service.

By Paula


absorbant mats

We switched to the thicker more absorbant mats and are very happy with them. they seem to work much better and pick up better than the thinner ones.

By Andrew


good stuff

good stuff

By Paul


Great for our business needs

As a wholesale distributor, we have the occasional breakage of liquid items during pick, pack and ship. The new pig blankets are a fast way to get an absorbant in place to begin the clean up quickly, and keep the workers in the area safe. Our associates appreciate the ease of use, and quicker availability than the traditional mop bucket.

By susan


Piggy blue mats

They are absorbent and are great for use in the printing industry, We use them for ink and chemical overflows, as well as general grease cleanups, although the price needs to be more in line with other suppliers of similar products

By Glenn


Worth their weight in gold

I am a new customer to this product and I first used these mats, while over hauling a gearbox on a forklift. I was amazed at the performance of them.

By Tangi


Great Product!

Our customer was completely satisfied. Was delivered quickly and pricing was great as well. The website is super easy to use and order. Customer service goes above and beyond the norm. Really love the "New Pig" promotions as well! Thanks New Pig! tlu :)

By Chuck


The incredibly thirsty Blue Pig

Best value, best service.....with Pig Blue pads on the market, I'm beginning to wonder how your competition stays in business. Seriously, has anyone ever written a bad review about Pig Blue?? I don't see how that would be possible.

By Scott


These work!

These Pig blue mats work good, throw a few on a spill and they will absorb the fluid in a few minutes. A real time saver for sure, good by floor dry!

By Gina


blu mats

Always dependable and efficient!

By Norman


Absorbent pads

Delivery was prompt. Price was good and seems to be just what we wanted. We are a small company trying to comply with local street drain guidelines and have these as a back up if we fail to vacuum up our scrubbing of a concrete pad for pedestrian traffic.

By Danny


The only pad we use

These are the only pad we use in our dealership shop. They can handle any mess with ease

By buddy


absorbent pads

The Absorbent pad works great and its all i would use

By Tony


We use BLU101 on our wind farm

BLU101 is by far the best absorbant mat we have used on our wind farm. It performs great and absorbs a large amount of liquid. When your work is almost 300 feet off the ground you need supplies that work!!!!

By Chuck


Pig Blue...simply unbeatable!

Pig Blue blows away the competition. I will never purchase another inferior product again.

By Lou


Happy Pig!

This product saved my cleaning station and made my life easier! My cleaning station is used for cleaning printer inks off the pumps for an Indigo. I needed to remove the ink from the solvent and the Pig blankets worked like a charm! Thanks! Lou Rice Colorprint

By Joshua


They keep absorbing

These are a great value and seem like they never stop absorbing. They lint off a bit more than I like but are great at sucking up puddles of liquid.

By B Wayne


Blue Absorbent Mat

MAt did a great job as advertised. Love the perforations giving two mats in one. Will orded more.

By Dustin


Nice Product

Product works as advertised. Like the fact that they are recycled. Would buy again

By Jeff


Great product

Great for retail grocery spill clean ups. Quick absorbtion of oil and water based products.

By David



A spectacular performance of absorption. Every fluid I need to have picked up I always grab a pig mat. These mats have never let me down. I tell all my friends and co-workers about this product. Every order has arrived quickly and correctly. I have used this product for over 2 years and will continue using it as long as we keep spilling fluids.



Very Pleased with New Pig

This was my first experience with New Pig. The product is, and works, exactly as described. The website is extremely user friendly and the service and delivery exceptional. I would most definitely order again from New Pig. Thanks!

Additional Information

  • Certifications, Approvals and Ratings
  • ASTM Standard E84-08


Corrosive Liquids Notice

Not recommended for acids, bases or other corrosive liquids.

Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Retardant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame retardant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.