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PIG® Blue Absorbent Sock

3" x 48", Absorbs up to 95 oz. per sock, 40 socks
Our heaviest absorbent sock is filled with vermiculite to form a barrier and prevent spills from spreading.   Read More 

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Our heaviest absorbent sock is filled with vermiculite to form a barrier and prevent spills from spreading.
  • The heaviest sock we make features extra-dense construction to hug floors and stay in place while containing spills
  • Fine-grade vermiculite filler quickly absorbs leaks, drips and spills; great for spill response or absorbing machine leaks
  • Stitch-bonded, polypropylene skin resists bursting; reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when saturated
  • Absorbs most common industrial liquids - oils, water, solvents, coolants and more
  • Ideal for diking and damming liquids
  • Can be air-dried for reuse when soaked with water
  • Nobody knows more about socks than New Pig - we invented them!


Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Blue
Dimensions ext. dia. 3" x 48" L
Absorbency Up to 30 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 95 oz. per sock
Brand PIG
Filler Vermiculite
Skin/Outer Mesh Skin - Polypropylene
Sold as 40 socks per box
Weight 50 lbs.
NSN (National Stock Number) 7930-01-289-8834
# per Pallet 16
Application Spill Response
UNSPSC 47131904
Pigalog® Page Number Page 31

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New pig Socks and Mats

Great products will continue to keep buying them for our spill clean ups.

By Kevin


Very Awesome!!!

I can't say enough about this product!! Our employees use these all the time! I highly recommend this and Pig!! Thank You!!

By Kathy


Hurricane Eta

We experienced water intrusion from our windows during Hurricane ETA! This product will be very effective in absorbing water until the leaky windows are sealed properly!

By Matthew


I highly recommend these, especially for basements that are prone to flood

My fiance and I used these to help protect against flooding in our basement. We were warned by the landlord that one side of the basement tended to puddle with water during heavy rains. Well, we received a flash flood warning and the puddling started. Except, it wasn't just on one side; it was on all sides. I am confident in saying that if it wasn't for these absorbent socks, our goods in storage would have been damaged. The whole flooding experience actually made me go out and buy more. Very thankful for the New Pig products, and we are even going to try the absorbent mats. We highly recommend their products.

By Andrew


excellent, excellent, excellent!

We own the Blue Absorbent Socks and use them in our house for some water issues. They are an excellent product! And, not only are they an excellent product but they are matched with an excellent company and with excellent customer service. Highly recommend this product and this company!!

By Paula


Best Company

Dealing with the personnel at New Pig is a great experience, they are all very knowledgeable about their products, are always able to decipher exactly what I am looking for and they are always right, always happy, pleasant, honest and informative. it is always a great pleasure working with them. thank you and don't change a thing!

By Timothy


New pig is the best

These pig socks are great for all kinds of thing and work the best in the market

By Melissa


Don't work in a pig pen! Let New Pig help clean it all up.

New Pig has won a loyal customer with my company. These pigs are the perfect size and do twice the job the competitor's absorbent socks do. I was amazed at how much these can hold. Will definitely buy extras.

By Melissa


REALLY saved the day when the crap got deep! Sewer overflow that is! LOL

These little pigs are a powerhouse of absorbance. They are only 48" long so they are easy to handle and deploy. They saved the day recently for us when the sewer malfunctioned. Pigs and Mats around each drain soaked up every drop and protected our locker rooms and office from certain disaster! When the crap gets deep grab a NewPig! LOL

By Jason


This spill containment sucks in a good way!!!

These socks soak up a lot of liquid for how small of diameter they are.

By Jackie


PIG® Blue Absorbent Sock

Great product and easy to handle.

By Michelle


Great product!

Our team goes thru 8 cases of these a month, it is everyone's favorite product for absorbing oils and other liquids! A++++

By Bill


Blue Absorbent Sock

Due to broken drain lines in the street above our bottom floor, with heavy rains we would get water leaking through the wall and into one of our client areas. We purchased the Blue Absorbent Socks to sit at the base of the wall and it eliminated all of the water from leaking further into the room. Very satisfied with the amount of water and moisture these Blue Absorbent Socks handle.

By Kathy


Blue Absorbent Sock

Blue Absorbent Socks work great in our shop. Great value for the price! We would recommend them to others!

By Bryan


Blue Absorbent Sock

These absorbent socks are great! We have a machine that leaks quite a bit of oil pretty regularly and this product helps us contain the leaks until they can be formally addressed by maintenance. I would highly recommend!

By Monique


Great Socks, Great Price

These socks work great for soaking up the condensation from our chilling equipment, and they are cheap enough to use then throw away.

By Ed


Pig Sock

Great product, quality, & cost.

By ken


Thanks Guys!

Just like a new pig on the farm - Whatever you got... it'll do its best to absorb it! I've been dealing with New Pig for over 16 years now. It's been a good all around for Pig Mats, Blue Socks, Spill Blockers, Whatever the need. As one military vet said to another....."Suck it up and get the job done right!" LOL! Your service reps have always been ready to roll out the deals and great service. Thanks Guys!

By Sarah


Socks Rock

These have been great for putting around our machines and assisting with oil clean up, we recommend them for any shop with lots of oil use!

By Doug


4048 Pig Socks-----Best Ever

Get the 4048 Pig Sock if you want something to absorb your spill without the skin falling apart and goes not drip the insides out. I have used others and had to scoop them up with a shovel then clean up what I called it guts. Why clean up twice when New Pig gets it done in 1 easy step. Their sales and service are an 11 on my top 10 scale.

By Bobby


Blue Absorbent Sock

The product delivers as promised. We use pig socks at our fuel farm and in the hangars to coral spills and keep them contained. New Pig products are the go to items for spill containment. The service reps at New Pig are second to none.

By Wendell



4048 socks Easy to use, works great throughout our plant, easily seen when needed, quick service & delivery, great quality.

By michael



Great customer service, and fast delivery. I did have a small problem, with gift card. It was taken out of the package before I received it. I feel maybe it should be shipped in a box. It was not Pig, but UPS.

By Jeanne



Liked the ease of ordering and received order very quickly.

By vicki


sock purchase

we love this product and would not think of ever ordering it from any other vendor.



Item 4048 - Socks

These are the Best. These help us out here in a steel plant . We have a oil spray system that we spray rust oil onto the finish bars to prevent rust . With that said we have drips and over spray that builds up. With these socks they not only prevent it from runing into asil ways but they also absorb it too. These are prefect for any process but for our situtation thes are the best. I also seen that some of the operators for the machines were placing them along the entry doors in the plant for over the weekend we are not working: that the socks was keeping cold air out .We are in Michigan and it gets cold at night . They kept the cold and snow out and the heat in. I can order them today in within a day or two they are here..5 PIGS for the absorbent socks great product.

By greg


loud pig snort

this product was a great pig snortting success. it went down at the base of our door to stop water from entering during the recent rain and not a drop got in. just let them dry and they are ready to go for the next time.

By Doug


Pig Socks Fits for Pre-spills

Do not wait until you have a spill! We also use these socks to place around the plug of our canister while drain from the plug. They are wrapped to create a barrier to pool the liquid and its stays right by the drain until empty. Just pick up the socks when done use the wipes to get the last little bit and remove the wet floor sign and you are good to go. Thanks New Pig!

By Austin



No complaints here! Good product, delivery and customer service!

By Doug


4048 Scores 5.0

We use this sock 4048 to get up spills once they occur. We found out that our 3rd party cleanup crew on weekends will use them as a barrier when they are spraying down an area to control the overflow. Once again another New Pig product in use at PFG and we buy and stock these for immediate use and so should you!

By Candace



We've used many different absorbent socks & no product compares to New Pig's!

By Colleen


Excellent Product

We use this product in a machining environment. Heavy coolant spills occur on a regular basis. We have found this product to be extremely efficient for absorbancy for the use we need it for.

By Austin



Products and service are great! No complaints from us!

By Doug


Pig Sock for Blocks

To block your water/chemical spills remember to use your socks. New Pig Blue Pig Sock that is. They will knock your socks off when you see how well they stop the flow of liquids on small spills. We keep them in our supplies so we are ready and backed by New Pig with their great customer service along with the same quallity and delivery we have grown to expect.

By James


PIG® Blue Absorbent Sock Item# 4048

This is the best product on the market for taking care of leaks FAST! All facility managers and engineers should have these in stock! I wouldn't think of using any other product!

By Doug


Pig out on these socks

If you want to get the spill contained while you get to the root of the problem, then sock up to the Blue Pig Sock. With its ease of storage to connecting the "pigs" to link around your spill. You will be very happy to get squeal of a deal.

By Debra


Great Socks!

These socks are so easy to use and look nice too!

By B. Drew


Great product!

Performs exactly as expected - making water control/clean-up simple. Would definitely buy again if these get destroyed.

By James


Very good product

I liked this blue sock better than the original white one, but both were very good products. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and soaked up alot of oil. Thanks NEW PIG!

By Doug


Pig Socks takes the squeal out

Pig Socks takes the squeal out of any safety spill that looks like a pig pin. These socks are easy to store, carry and place just where you need them. They absorb all the pig pin spills we have and more.

By Karen


Great Product

Both my manufacturing and packaging department love these. they're great for quick containment of spills and leaks. Or for area blockoff to keep liquids from spreading when cleaning equipment. Best part is noone tries to walk on them like a flat mat!

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