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PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Absorbent Mat

Mediumweight, 16" x 25', 1 roll
Make the switch to the mat that sticks! Absorbent runner helps prevent slips, trips and falls around workstations and walkways near machinery in industrial facilities.   Read More 

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Pig Exclusive Recycled Content
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Make the switch to the mat that sticks! Absorbent runner helps prevent slips, trips and falls around workstations and walkways near machinery in industrial facilities.
  • Adhesive-backed absorbent mat stays exactly where you put it with no shifting, bunching up or flipping over to prevent slips, trips and falls in workstations and around machinery
  • Proprietary adhesive sticks to the floor with a super-tight grip, but peels up easily for quick changeouts; reduces cleanup time to make your facility more productive
  • Sticks to most commercial floor surfaces including concrete, VCT, linoleum, ceramic tile, quarry tile and laminate flooring
  • Tough, spunbond top layer with heavy-duty zigzag stitching stands up to foot and light-wheeled traffic; keep mat in service until it's saturated or shows signs of wear
  • Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene safely absorb leaks, drips and overspray of oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Traps oil, grease and grime to keep them from being tracked around; ideal for oily areas near machines and equipment
  • 16” width is great for lining workbenches, countertops and toolboxes
  • Leakproof backing prevents absorbed liquid from soaking through to the floor
  • Dark color hides grime so the mat looks cleaner longer
  • Easy to cut and install: just roll it out, stick it down and smooth it out
  • Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction surfaces such as PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat have been proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Antimicrobial No
Traffic Medium Foot Traffic
Backing Material Adhesive-Backed
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Blue
Dimensions 16" W x 25' L
Mat Weight Mediumweight
Recycled Content 25% or more Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 1.3 gal. per roll
Brand PIG
Category Grippy® Absorbent Mat
Core Diameter 3"
Industry Industrial Facilities; Shops & Garages
Perforated No
Storage Temp Range Store between 32°F and 120°F
Temperature Limit Surface temps from 55°F to 120°F
Walking Surface Absorbent Top
Sold as 1 roll
Weight 4.25 lbs.
New Pig Patent Patent Pending
# per Pallet 130
Composition Absorbent - Polypropylene
Stitching - Polyester
Adhesive Backing - Proprietary Adhesive Material
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 19

Accessories for MAT1625


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By Julia


Good alternative

This is great to use in benches and areas where a liquid spill may happen. Good absorbent, easy to use and place, keep the areas neat and clean.

By Tony


blue Grippy Mat GREAT!

Arrived fast! Everyone I've talked to at New Pig has been wonderful. We acquired a sample of the mat, trying it in an area that nothing else has worked, our powder coat paint booth. Put the sample in the worst area of the paint booth. It did the job that nothing else would do. It sticks as promised & comes off as promised. Its been at its spot since late February & its still working as promised. We bought more.

By Walter


PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat Roll Item# MAT1625.

This product is well worth the money, and the performance is better than expected. Fast shipment, and once we received it we put it to good use! Will be ordering more now that we have tried it and like it. Keep up the great job in providing quality products and service - New Pig is Number one in my book!

By Jeff


Nice Porduct

Used as a toolbox drawer liner...easy to install and looks great in a blue was the right width, so just cut to length and stick down...easy to position into place..less expensive... one roll 30' roll did 16 drawer bottom tool box

By jack


Pig Grippy Cabinet Saver!

The Pig Grippy Absorbent Mat Roll goes wherever our drain cleaning equipment goes. The Grippy Mat works great underneath a kitchen sink. We empty the cabinet line the cabinet walls and bottom with the mat and proceed with unclogging the drain. As neat as you try to be the black sewer sludge splatters everywhere as you try to slowly remove the sewer snake auger. In the past after unclogging the drain you had the task of cleaning the splattered mess you made, sometimes that took longer then the unclogging the drain. Now with usu=ing the Grippy mATS we just peel off sewer splattered matts, dispose of them in the dumpster and the job is completed. The MAT1625 are easier to handle then the MAT1650

By Tom


Grippy Mat

This mat is a very unique addition to our spill containments. It has performed very well it saves a great deal of time and hassle. The tacky side of the mat keeps it in place so there is no wasted time. I would really reccomend this mat for all application wear you find yourself constantly resetting the drip mats you use now.

By John


Potential Life Saver

We tried this product in our automotive manufacturing facility. We have tried other products in place of the thicker mats and have had no luck in finding a product that protects the employee while staying in place. Upon receiving this product we tested the grippy absorbent mat where water and oily is normally present and immediately reordered in larger quantities. This product is a perfect fit for the intended application. The grippy mat provides great traction while keeping the liquids contained to the matting. I feel more comfortable with the environment I am providing for my team. Thank you for such a great product.

By David


Great Stationary Mat

I purchased this mat to place in front machinery used daily. Not only does it absorb whatever leaks I might have, but the "sticky" backing keeps the mat in place. The stitched material makes it durable for foot traffic. I will be purchasing different sizes of this roll mat for my new facility.

By Lisa


Great Product

We're using this product in place of "drip rags". It adds a more professional look to our process.

By Manuel


Great product

I love this product, great material and good for the job.

By Carol


Grippy Absorbent Mat Roll

Product worked great as do all your products.

By Greg


Clean Up Crew

Love this product. It's a great product to have. It sticks and stays in place under forklift traffic, foot traffic, carts and dolly traffic. I'm able to walk, work and restock shelving safely and productively when around these mats without having to worry about tripping over loose or matted up mats. Definitely will be purchasing these mats again.

By Peter


Great product

I use these for a drop cloth while painting to lining the floor in a walk in freezer to catch the water during defrost cycles/ Great for many different applications.

By Michelle


Grippy Mats

I have used these mats for a couple different uses at our facility. One is to absorb solvent while cleaning parts and another for a large project in our plating area where there was a lot of foot traffic. Both uses have held up well and did a good job. I have been very happpy with them and will continue to use them!

By Greg


PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat Roll Item# MAT1625.

The Pig Grippy Absorbent mat roll is phenomenal for my Chemistry laboratory. I put it right by the sink where a high volume of glassware is washed. It adheres well to the countertop and absorbs residual moisture from beakers that are drying upside down. Thanks New Pig for this wonderful product!

By John


PIG GRIPPY Absorbent Mat Roll

We bought this to put around our air compressor and now have it installed in front of the door for the employee entrance to knock the snow off of their boots when they enter the plant. Helps keep the floor dry from the melting snow. Have also put it down on the entry way into the shop and eliminated contaminates being tracked out into the plant. We have drove forklifts and pallet jacks across it and it has stayed put, even the small piece that was a cut scrap hasn't came up. The mat has showed useage but has not tore or frayed with all the traffic put across it. With the size of the roll it is easy to cut and shape the mat to whatever space you need to put it in. The mat was delivered before I even expected to get it and I would have to say that with all it's uses we will definately keep this on hand and use it again.

By Jackie


Grippy Mat

We use this by the entrances to our offices from the shop and from outside. It absorbs the grease and water that the guys boots drag in and helps reduce the amount of grime on the office floor.

By Betty


Grippy Mat

These are excellent, we use for tool box lining, inside and out. Keeps tooing from getting burred up.

By Joel



We use these under old machines and they work great.

By Jennifer


stick it

Delivery was less than 3 days! works very well on tables for oily parts. no slipping off surfaces. great price for the amount of product you recieve.

By Major


Grippy Mat

I order a roll of this mat to place in front of the containment for motor oil drum. The order was filled in a timly manor (2 days) and was the correct material received. With the stickey back and weight of the product it has stayed in place. It was easy to cut and place where I needed it. I would recomend the product to others. I can see that I may be able to use it in other locations to prevent spills and tracking of oil thru the facility.

By Brandon


Great Product So Far!

Have installed next to our milling machines for the past two weeks. Lays down nice, but does bubble up slightly in places. Does stay in place so far and the aluminum chips sweep off pretty good. We will see how long it lasts. Would be nice if it was darker so it doesn't look as dirty with all of the footprints on it.

By Greg



Grippy Absorbant Mat stands up to foot traffic and forklift traffic and stays in place while walking, working, or driving on. the mat adheres to concrete very well. When it's time to change the mat, the mat comes up easily and does not leave any sticky adhesive behind. Removing or swapping out the mats is an effortless task with these mats. Definately will be reordering this mat again.

By Peter


Grippy, a Pig in a Blanket

Looking for a product like this for years. We work in hospitals all over the country doing video work. We needed a replacement for gaffer tape, whose glue transfers to cables and can pick up fluids, dirt and contaminate. Grippy covers our cables & protects them. The price works easily in our budget

By James


Does what it says!!

Simple no-nonsense product, it stays in place and when you need to change it out, just rip it off and put down a new piece. I use it to cover my work bench since I always have parts that have oil and grease and fuel on them, when the mat starts to look worn I replace it, about once every two weeks. Delivery was superfast, got here the next day, will definately order again!!!!!




I use all sorts of Pig products at my plant. Working at a public water facility, oil spills are always on the radar. The ease of use of the dispenser packs are unparalleled. The oil only mats are just that. They will soak up a boatload of oil instead of water, allowing more contaminates to be removed, instead of water. The all purpose mats work equally well when used in walkways or other areas where complete mop up is required. A++++!!!! Mike

By Barry


PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat #MAT1625

Product works as advertized so far but only time will tell whether the absorbed oil will affect the adhesive. This resolves several issues we have with splatter and drip catchers in work areas. If the adhesive holds up then I will be purchasing a whole lot more of this product in the future

By Carol


Purchasing Manager

For our purposes, this would work much better if it were about twice as wide and if the top color was much darker - like charcoal or black. The light color top shows dirt too easily. Otherwise, the product is great. Let me know if you ever make it in a wider roll and a darker top color.

By thomas


grippy mat

great product. easy to use n move and reuse

By Nora


Pig Grippy

We just sampled this product and although we have not had a chance to validate it for all areas of our "Clean Plant" we did trial it in our mold set up area and like the grippy mat much better because of the way it stays in place and is safer because it stays in place if someone accidently steps on part of it. The other absorbant mats we use would cause a slip and fall. Thank you! Nora Swats - Buyer

By Kurt


Good idea

Good idea for this product. We used it to cover interior trench covers in retail stores. We used this instead of using mats and taping the edges. I would like to see it come in safety colors though so it stands out as a warning.

By Linda


Grippy Mats are AWESOME

Mat was delivered the next day. We used it for our control room to minimize damage to a new floor installed recently. They stayed in place, very easy to remove, and i have found many other uses for this mat. I use a small square pc on my desk as a drink coaster! it doesn't move around, absords the condensation from the glass. No water ring on my wooden desk top, no water to wipe away....this is a product i'm sure I can find so many uses for! LOVE IT!!!!!! 5 oinks!

By Jim


Wee parts containment

Absorbent mat works extremely well for rebuilding carburetors - mat stays where you put it - small parts not only dry quickly after cleaning but stay where you put them without rolling or bouncing around. No damage to my work bench surfaces. A great product for the garage.





Additional Information


Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.

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