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PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Absorbent Mat


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Self-Sticking Absorbent Mat, 32" x 100', 1 roll
Stays put no matter what™! Sticks and stays down where other absorbent mats shift or slide around; perfect for workstations or around machinery in industrial facilities.   Read More 

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Stays put no matter what™! Sticks and stays down where other absorbent mats shift or slide around; perfect for workstations or around machinery in industrial facilities.
  • Adhesive-backed absorbent mat stays exactly where you put it with no shifting, bunching up or flipping over to prevent slips, trips and falls in workstations and around machinery
  • Proprietary adhesive sticks to the floor with a super-tight grip, but peels up easily for quick changeouts; reduces cleanup time to make your facility more productive
  • Sticks to most commercial floor surfaces including concrete, VCT, linoleum, ceramic tile, quarry tile and laminate flooring
  • Tough, spunbond top layer with heavy-duty zigzag stitching stands up to foot and light-wheeled traffic; keep mat in service until it's saturated or shows signs of wear
  • Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene safely absorb leaks, drips and overspray of oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Traps oil, grease and grime to keep them from being tracked around
  • 32” x 100’ roll provides enough length to create continuous coverage and absorbency in oily areas near machines and equipment
  • Leakproof backing prevents absorbed liquid from soaking through to the floor
  • Dark color hides grime so the mat looks cleaner longer
  • Easy to cut and install: just roll it out, stick it down and smooth it out
  • Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction surfaces such as PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat have been proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Traffic Light Foot Traffic
Backing Material Adhesive-Backed
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Style Self-Sticking Absorbent Mat
Color Blue
Dimensions 32" W x 100' L
Mat Weight Mediumweight
Recycled Content 25% or more Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 10.5 gal. per roll
Brand PIG
Category Grippy® Absorbent Mat
Core Diameter 3"
Industry Industrial Facilities; Shops & Garages; Automotive; Manufacturing
Perforated No
Storage Temp Range Store between 32°F and 120°F
Temperature Limit Surface temps from 55°F to 120°F
Walking Surface Absorbent Top
Sold as 1 roll
Weight 27 lbs.
# per Pallet 13
Composition Absorbent - Polypropylene
Stitching - Polyester
Adhesive Backing - Proprietary Adhesive Material
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 23

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By Troy


Awesome Mat!

It sticks to just about any surface. Easy to put down or pull up. Lasts a long time, even when being swept over everyday. Keeps debris out of floor drains. We use it everywhere.

By Jon


These mats are the BEST!

For the hazardous waste facility where I work, safety is a huge deal. Pig's mats hold up to the high standard we need to make sure slips and injuries don't happen when dealing with the materials we deal with. I even bought extra absorbent mat then we needed to make sure we have enough on hand if the currently used ones get worn out. Wouldn't go with another product!

By Mike


Grippy adhesive backed

We started using the pig adhesive backed mat about 6 months ago. It has helped our safety and cleanliness in our facility so much I can't brag enough about this product. We work where solvents get on the floor everyday and now we just pick up the mat and toss it away.

By Kathy


Grippy back absorbant mat

We install heating systems so when we take out the old systems to install the new ones- there is often lots of soot. We use the grippy mat to keep the customers floors clean. Our techs love this product as it saves in mopping floors after a long day installing heating systems.

By Susan


Pig Mats

Our church serves family night suppers each week. The caterer had been dripping grease on the floor in front of the fryer and from the fryer to the serving line. Worried about potential falls and cleaning up the mess, I had to find something to eliminate the hazard. I was a first time customer and the rep that helped me offered to send me a sample. I was pleased with the sample the PIG representative sent me that I ordered a roll. The mats has been a LIFE SAVER! Easy to put down and easy to clean up after serving several hundred meals in one night. The mat has with stood grease and cleaning for 3 weeks now. The caterer had even commented how the product has absorbed the grease that he has ordered the mats for his own restaurant. Thank you PIG, you are a life saver!

By Natalia


Best mat ever

We bought it for our mop area and works great easy to clean and maintain our Mop area dry clean and looks very presentable

By James


Shop Supervisor

In dealing you guys, you've been great. Easy to talk to even when I don't know what I need but give an explanation you guys know. Your customer service is by far some of the best I've ever gotten from any of my vendors. The adhesive mat I order works great for my paint booth. I wish more of the people I order form handled customers the way you guys do. Thanks again.

By Simeon


Good product

This mat works well for our application. We use it to protect the floor around our UV cure lacquer spray system. sticks to the floor well, and holds up to heavy foot / cart traffic as advertised. I will be buying again, and recommend to others.

By Mike


Good Product

We use this in one particular area in our plant where rips are hard to contain and this works perfectly for that purpose.

By Michele


PIG Grippy back absorbent mat

Just so happy with this product. It stays in place and absorbs the oil around the wast receptacle

By Shelly


Pig Grippy Mat

We are a repair & overhaul facility and work with oils and hydraulic fluid. This mat is great for absorbency and sticks great to the floor to avoid tripping. Our mechanics love it!

By Raye


Best mat EVER!

We are a surgery center. We use these mats in our cases where a lot of fluids are used to flush the surgical area. The fact that we can customize the length to the area being used is a huge plus. The fact that mat grips the floor and absorbs the saline during our procedure has greatly improved our safety challenges with a wet floor. We don't have to worry that the wet mat will slip out from under our feet during a surgical procedure. That makes us all happy and more sure footed. Thank you!

By Dan



I'm only giving this a 3 star because it looks dirty after the first couple times you walk on it. I love how it works but I don't understand why it wouldn't be offered in something that's darker to help hide the stuff it's designed to absorb. I'll gladly up this review if a darker version is offered. I have to think maybe it's intentional so you have to change it more often.

By chad


Customer Service

We are a new customer and the customer service provided has been excellent. Receiving follow up emails and calls is very refreshing just knowing that New Pig cares about the customer. Linda Patterson is exceptional to work with.

By Greg


Started as a means of safety, led to many other uses

We needed a floor mat at our main employee entrance where the polished concrete floor would be slippery from wet shoes coming in during rain. The rubber mat that is inside the door did not absorb the water, and it would be tracked along the walkway causing a safety hazard. After researching and finding the New Pig MAT32100, we tried it and found a product that did what was needed and more. It collects dust and dirt from the plant floor that can then be swept away and stays in place when running the power scrubber over it. The bright blue color adds a pleasantness to the doorway areas, and removal when it was completely worn out was easy. The added safety of traction for pedestrians arriving into the building with snowy boots will surely be appreciated. Installing the mat was a simple process, I did get help when rolling out a long length of it to help keep it straight, but otherwise all mats were put down by one person. I've been experimenting with where it may help, such as a temporary floor mat on a forklift. Looks nice, installs well, holds tight, and a great safety product all in one.

By Chris


Grippy Mat 32100

This is the best floor covering for industrial shops. Keeps the floor from being slippery from oils and coolants that made their way down there. We use this covering in between the machines and in the aisles and all the employees love it. It also helps with foot fatigue instead of standing on the concrete for 8 to 10 hours a day. When we clean the floor real good before applying, this covering lasts us about 6 months before it needs to be replaced. Highly recommend it!

By Bob


Wow! Grippy Mat!

We have epoxy floors around machinery and sometimes it gets slippery with fluid drag out. We have used other New Pig mats in the past but they would get displaced and bunch up when heavy carts were pushed over them. I first saw the Grippy mats in the airport entrances and Grocery store entrances this last Winter. I thought this stuff is great and I wonder what it is called and where they buy it. When I ask the management, they told me they call it Pig Mat, I said " I know where you get it now!" On Monday morning, I called New Pig and found out it was called Grippy. I ordered samples and we are trying it in several departments in our factory. We have been showing the Grippy YouTube videos to our Safety Team and teaching them how to install correctly for best results. The product is great and one of the best safety products created. Bob Conner

By Tedi


Works well for many applications

We use it for several applications. We have a lot of oil that drips off our product. We use the PIG grippy mat on the bottom of our carts and we have it on the floor in several areas of our production floor. In one area, the PIG grippy mat lessened the noise of carts with loose parts on when rolled across the cement floor.

By Robert


Blue sticky mat

Works well as a cart non-slip top cover and works well as a walk area in oily areas.

By Austin


Grippy is a BEAST!!

We have a LOT of oil mist and leaks in our machine shop. The Grippy Mat has definitely changed the whole safety aspect of the shop. The previous product we were using didn't absorb nearly as much as this does. It was also VERY slippery on our epoxy coated floors. The Grippy Mat handles high-traffic areas like a beast. It soaks up ALL of the oil we throw at it and stays in one place. It doesn't un-peel, wrinkle or slide AT ALL! The slightly higher cost is TOTALLY justified. Definitely, a great product at a great price with great service and FAST shipping! Don't think twice....BUY IT!

By Stuart


Works Great - PIG Grippy Absorbent Mats

We have been using the PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mats for over two years. It is a product that sticks to the floor wherever we need it! It allows us to a have a specific marked overnight parking spot for our fork lifts. Does not get torn up when driven over, and allows us to see if we have a leak in our forklifts before they become too large.

By robert


multi use. multi surface. single product

we have purchased that product for at least the last 3 years. we use this to protect our floors, protect our employees and protect all of our workbench surfaces. it is even being used to absorb the dripping hands in bathrooms for the reaching of the paper towels. it lasts and has helped prolong the life of ares throughout our entire manufacturing facility.

By Vincent


A Product We Can Stick With...

...and a product that sticks to the floor wherever we need it! We are very impressed with PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mats, they have solved various issues we've had near sinks, walkways, and even in the walk-in freezer. Thank you for a wonderful product.

By robert






Worth the Price! The guys love it! And I can afford it!

When I first came across these and ordered them, I wasn't sure they would be worth the price. We had been re-using cardboard boxes to walk on top of the drain tanks in the pit for 18 years but they just aren't great. So I decided to give this blue mat a shot. Immediately the guys were grateful for the change. They said their traction was better, it helped soak up spills and splashes better, and it lasted longer than the cardboard. I then did the math on how long one roll lasted: 3 and a half months! So I ordered two more. I'm glad when things make our work environment easier and safer. Thanks, PIG!

By Huan



Our facility has been using this product for a long time, highly recommended it, plus with fast shipping and always free little gift with it. Thank you!

By Benny


PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat is AWESOME!

I have been purchasing rolls of grippy mat in various sizes for my company for the past 4 years. This stuff is great for table top covering, tool box drawer liner, I have even used it on the concrete floor under a machine that was under repair.

By Chris


Grippy Absorbent Mat Roll

This mat works perfectly! Maintains a clean floor and is easy on the feet. Highly recommended product. Delivery was fast and efficient. I will be purchasing this product again.

By Stephanie


Purchasing Manager

Grippy Mat is economical and very easy to use. I was extreamly satisified in the qucik delivery and follow up from New Pig. I work in the automotive industry and we used this mat as a liner in a part nest. The parts stay where we put them without scratches or residue. This product can be used in any area of our plant. I'm as "happy as a pig" with Grippy Mat.

By lucas



a+ love this product it stands up to anything

By Jo



Love this stuff!! It works just like it is supposed to with no troubles at all!

By Billy


I get the Grip

I use this mat under an automotive lift instead of the Pig elephant mat, which I used to use and is very similar minus the sticky back. It's not the cheapest option, but it's way cheaper than any workers comp claim for a slip/fall and much cleaner than using oil dry or litter. It stays in place well even when driving over it and turning on it. I'll buy it again.

By Julie


Excellent DIY Product

I am the Office Manager of a small business with a large, cement slab warehouse. To this point we had pieced together pieces of matting, carpeting, and etc. which became tripping hazards. We decided to try out the Pig Grippy Absorbent Mat on some of the high traffic areas because we are in the Pacific Northwest and things get wet and slippery. I have to say, this product is excellent. The matting is a little thinner than I would like but it serves our purposes well. I really like that there is a thin adhesive on the back that makes it really easy for one person to unroll and stick down. I was able to unroll a whole roll within about 1 hour and using a level to smooth out air-holes, our back now has non-slippery, smooth, aisles for our workers to walk on. Thus far, it has worked well and I'm completely happy with this product. The product was delivered quickly... I think we had it within 5 days or so and we would definitely purchase again. In fact, we probably will be getting another roll soon to put down in some other areas.

By Amy


My guys love it!

I accidentally ordered the wrong pig mat and the guys love it better than anything they've ever used. They love the blue color b/c they can see the fiber better, and the size is great for the application.

By Mike


No Gripping about the Grippy Mat

This is an all around product for our shop. It works well on the floor, on our workstations and shelving. Leaves no residue when removing and looks very nice. Last a very long time. We use a WypAll product to absorb cleaners on our workstations. Using the Grippy Matt we have cut of cost by over half!! Great product and work recommend it to anyone in a shop environment that has to deal with any liquid clean up.

By Monica


PIG Grippy Mat

We love the Grippy Mat. It save us a lot of time with the Grip feature. No more taping the mat down! It seems to last much longer also since it is sticking evenly on the floor saving cost in the long run.

By Carol



I can roll my mechanic chair over it and it does not bunch up!! Yippee. I can put other pig pads on top for additional suck up.

By Will


Miracle Mat

We have been looking for a mat that can actually adhere to epoxy coated floor, and we finally have found one that actually works.

By Rick


Grippy mat works great

We use it on the floor where we bleed brake lines. Eliminates the mess and is safe to walk on. The blue color is nice too. Associates don't mix it up with the gray non-grippy mats.

By Caleb


We finally "got-a-grip" on things!

Until the Grippy Mat was released, we had trouble with our absorbant mats bunching and moving any time someone walked on them. We appreciate the time and thought that went into to the design of this great product.

By Laurie


Your "Grippy" is GREAT!

Initially I ordered your product in 2010 and the motor pool loved it. When we ran out, the puchasing agent tried to find a less expensive product. You get what you pay for, the other two attempts were disasterous. I called and our old "Grippy" Mat was delivered in two days. The Mat goes down easy, remains wrinkle free, and absorbs as advertised. We love it!

By Don


Grippy , Absorbent Mat

Purchased this new product and have tried it on tile floors with a huge amount of success , but I am more intereted in how well it will work on carpeted areas. Several staff members have inquired on how they coud get some, for their home use. I have given them you WebSite. I exspect to be telling everybody about this product , and purchsing some for my own home use. Great Product Don Gary



Grippy Mat Application

We use grippy mat in high traffic areas because of the adhesive backing which helps to prevent the rug material from becoming a trip hazard like normal rugs. It works great!




this stuff works great we will be purchasing more to use in other areas of the factory!

Additional Information

  • Certifications, Approvals and Ratings
  • NFSI Certified
    ANSI B101.1- 2009
    ANSI/ESD STM11.11


Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.

Color Variation Statement

It is normal for top layer materials to show minor variations in color between production runs. This is particularly true for the grades of materials used in consumable or disposable products such as our adhesive-backed mats. New Pig makes every effort to achieve consistent color, but some variance is possible. Perceived differences in color may also result from mat layout orientation or uneven traffic wear patterns.