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PIG® Grippy® Adhesive-Backed Absorbent Mat

Mediumweight, 32" x 50', 1 roll
Make the switch to the mat that sticks! Absorbent runner helps prevent slips, trips and falls around workstations and walkways near machinery in industrial facilities.   Read More 

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Pig Exclusive Recycled Content
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Make the switch to the mat that sticks! Absorbent runner helps prevent slips, trips and falls around workstations and walkways near machinery in industrial facilities.
  • Adhesive-backed absorbent mat stays exactly where you put it with no shifting, bunching up or flipping over to prevent slips, trips and falls in workstations and around machinery
  • Proprietary adhesive sticks to the floor with a super-tight grip, but peels up easily for quick changeouts; reduces cleanup time to make your facility more productive
  • Sticks to most commercial floor surfaces including concrete, VCT, linoleum, ceramic tile, quarry tile and laminate flooring
  • Tough, spunbond top layer with heavy-duty zigzag stitching stands up to foot and light-wheeled traffic; keep mat in service until it's saturated or shows signs of wear
  • Eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene safely absorb leaks, drips and overspray of oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Traps oil, grease and grime to keep them from being tracked around
  • 32” x 50’ roll provides enough length to create continuous coverage and absorbency in oily areas near machines and equipment
  • Leakproof backing prevents absorbed liquid from soaking through to the floor
  • Dark color hides grime so the mat looks cleaner longer
  • Easy to cut and install: just roll it out, stick it down and smooth it out
  • Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction surfaces such as PIG Grippy Absorbent Mat have been proven to reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90%
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Antimicrobial No
Traffic Medium Foot Traffic
Backing Material Adhesive-Backed
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Blue
Dimensions 32" W x 50' L
Mat Weight Mediumweight
Recycled Content 25% or more Recycled Content
Absorbency Up to 5.25 gal. per roll
Brand PIG
Category Grippy® Absorbent Mat
Core Diameter 3"
Industry Industrial Facilities; Shops & Garages
Perforated No
Storage Temp Range Store between 32°F and 120°F
Temperature Limit Surface temps from 55°F to 120°F
Walking Surface Absorbent Top
Sold as 1 roll
Weight 12 lbs.
New Pig Patent Patent Pending
# per Pallet 28
Composition Absorbent - Polypropylene
Stitching - Polyester
Adhesive Backing - Proprietary Adhesive Material
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 19

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By Simeon


good product

works well.

By pamela


Great Stuff

Exactly what we needed. Installation was a breeze and will would recommend this product.




As always these are pigtastic! Only mat we use in our facility low FOD! We go through over 1000 every month! Easy to order and always a quick delivery!

By Jeffrey


PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat

I love the PIG Grippy absorbent mat! The Grippy mat helps me maintain a grip on good housekeeping and floor protection of my waste disposal and chemical storage rooms. The Grippy Mat has protected these newly renovated, special epoxy floors from incidental chemical spills, heavy drum traffic and material storage. The PIG Grippy Mat is gentle on flooring and is easy to remove, cut to area size and apply.

By Mary


PIG® Absorbent Mat Roll & PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat

Both of these mats work well in all of the entrances into our shop. This winter they have really helped with keeping snow and salt off the carpeted area. They adhere to the floor which helps prevent slips,trips and falls in the work area. We are very pleased with both products.

By David



Good mat that serves a vital purpose. Very reliable.

By Scott


Great Product

We use this product at the entrances to our building to make sure the wet stays outside when it's raining. We also photograph a lot of students when it's raining and this helps keep the mess off our backgrounds. Great item. So glad I found the New Pig website!

By April


grippy mat

We love this stuff! We are lining our assembly tables so that we reduce scratches on the parts. We like the fact that its sticky so that we don't have to try to tape or staple it like we did to the cardboard in the past, which still doesn't help with the scratches all that much. It also has a much more professional appearance when potential customers tour our facility.

By Jerod


Great Walkway

used around the air compressors at work and provides slight anti fatigue and great traction. Even with oily boots.

By Cory



seems to work as advertised. Not entirely flipping head over heals- but not ready to squeal like a pig either- not so sure it was what I needed.

By Parker


Good stuff

Love this stuff. Use it all over the shop. Keeps it nice a fresh.

By Travis


Hog Heaven

The product does exactly what it says it can. We purchased the product due to a accident at our plant and the Grippy was the perfect answer for the solution. The only suggestion I have was from another review clean the floor well before placing and it'll stick to the floor like glue. I highly recommend Grippy to anyone that has workers that work on concrete and use hydraulic oil in their facility.

By Jamey


great disposable alternative

We were using the vinyl foam anti fatigue mats to protect the floor, High traffic in an adhesive plant. This has become a great cost savings to us.

By Jackie


Keep shop dirt in shop!

I use these mats at the entry into the office from the truck repair shop. They absorb grease, oil, water and dirt from the guys boots and keeps it out of the office area. We ran out of this product the last time the floors where cleaned and what a difference I noticed with the dirt coming into the office. Helps keep the office floors clean and dry!

By Victor


Pig Grippy Absorbent Mat

Terrific product. Easy to use and very versatile. We used it at the entrances to our warehouse to increase safety and absorb moisture from snow/rain and avoid slipping on wet floors. To this point the durability looks good.

By Tina


Less Slip/More Stick

We have been looking for something that will last longer than a day in areas of the shop where it gets really slippery on the concrete from coolant, grease, etc... This style mat is easy to use and can be cut to fit wherever we need it. Great product.

By Martin


What a great product !!!! Second attempt

I own a water store and my customers spill quite a bit of water on the floor, so I am constantly using a mop to dry the floor to keep people from slipping or tripping on the carpets, rubber mats or foam backed pads I have been using. The main problem I have with them is they all would slide on the floor or become slick because of the water. I would spend a great deal of time mopping the floor, resetting the carpets, mats or pads and making sure they were flat so that nobody would trip or slip and get hurt. When I discovered New Pig, I first sent for a free sample and used it for a week. I could not believe how great the sample worked, 1) it never moved or bunched up, 2) it absorbed the spilled water and did not become slippery and 3) the blue color is perfect for my store. I ordered the MAT3250 and received it within three days, it took me less than forty-five minutes to remove all three of the old mats, layout, cut and place the Pig MAT3250 where I needed all three to be. The three mats have been in place for over two weeks now and they haven't moved, they don't get slippery when wet and they are maintaining there color. I cannot believe how much time and work I am saving and because I only used about one third of the roll I should not have to purchase another roll for at least six months. This product is great with no drawbacks.

By Andrew


Stays where you put it

We use this in our lab hoods. It stays in place while setting up equipment and makes clean-up a breeze after a reaction is completed.

By John


Works good !

The areas in which we use the mat have been working just they way we wanted. We have been looking for a product like this for awhile and the grippy mat is exactly what we were looking for, great product!

By Donna


This Works Great!

I have purchased the New Pig Grippy Mat twice - I purchased one roll for one of our labs, where they kept dripping resin on the tile floor, and then in our kitchen area we needed something to keep the tile floor from getting wet and sticky when people dripped coffee! It has worked great in both areas. And when it gets to the point of needing to be changed, we will just pull it up and roll out a new mat.

By Sandy


grippy roll

excellent product. We use it on the office carpeting of our manufacturing facility, instead of rental rugs which were a trip hazard. Mat stays put, looks good and traps the factory dirt and keeps it off the carpet.





By Norma


Excellent Product!

Working in the transformer oil house at a utility company, oil does gets on the floor. The mat(s) used in the past did not have the grip function, and from a safety standpoint, this is unacceptable and dangerous. However, the PIG GRIPPY Absorbent Mat Roll addresses the problem straight to the point and is excellent! I would recommend this product to anyone who has the need. Thank you.

By Guillermo


shop manager

super great product. the shop loves it. will buy again and again




These work better than expected, we ordered them to use as shelf liners and they stay put even when we pull batteries off the shelf.

By Brian


A good product overall.

I guess I was expecting it to have a stronger "grab" to it. Overall though it works better for our needs than the other pig mat squares we have purchased in the past (the squares are still a good product, but for this specific application not so much)

By Deloyd


Pig Grippy

The pad worked perfectly for what we purchased it for.



Review of Pig Grippy Absorbent Mat

My company has had NO PROBLEMS at all with the absorbent mats from New Pig. Sales staff is very courteous and professional on the phone, deliveries are made promptly and the product is everything it is advertised to be. We use the mat around all of our "older" machines and it absorbs all oil and fluid leaks, resulting in a safer work environment for our people. We will certainly continue doing business with New Pig!

By Robert


Got A Grip

Grippy Mat is exactly what I was needing. It stays put, releases easily and even goes back down. Thanks Pig.

By Doug


I got a grip on Grippy

We bought a roll to test in front of a water fountain and cooler. We cut it to lengh and that saves money and greatly reduces the chance for slips and falls. That my friends is safety and cutting cost all in one Thanks to New Pig!

By Perry


couldn't be happier

This product is fantastic! It is used on the floor of our chemical room where we change out barrels. The mat is very tough and stays in place just as advertised. I would definately reccomend this product.

By Andrew


Sticky pig mat

Once the product is installed to the surface it works very well and will likely buy it again. The surface that you are applying the mat to has to be exceptionally clean of dust, dirt or any residue. We had to use some strong cleaners to remove anything on the surface or it would not even try to stick and a simple press down did not work. We had to press firmly and make sure it was pressed down on all points. Our floor is a high gloss and I thougth it would stick well to it but the oposite of what I expected occured.

By John


Pig Grippy

Perfect for the intended application.


Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.

Color Variation Statement

It is normal for top layer materials to show minor variations in color between production runs. This is particularly true for the grades of materials used in consumable or disposable products such as our adhesive-backed mats. New Pig makes every effort to achieve consistent color, but some variance is possible. Perceived differences in color may also result from mat layout orientation or uneven traffic wear patterns.

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