PIG® Lite-Dri® Loose Absorbent

Absorbs Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal, Absorbs up to 8 gal., 1 bag
Silica-free loose absorbent pulls most common industrial liquids from your floor — it's easier to lift, lighter to carry, and 3X more absorbent than clay!   Read More 

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Silica-free loose absorbent pulls most common industrial liquids from your floor — it's easier to lift, lighter to carry, and 3X more absorbent than clay!
  • Unlike clay, which is simply coated with liquid, fast-wicking recycled cellulose actually soaks up the spill the moment it touches
  • Three times more absorbent means you'll use less material on the spill, reducing your labor and disposal costs
  • Silica-free composition is non-abrasive and does not pose the health hazards associated with breathing in clay dust
  • Non-abrasive composition won't harm finished floors or damage expensive machinery
  • Light-weight absorbent is easier than clay to carry and use without injury
  • Absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Bag features a built-in handle for easy portability, handling and dispersal
  • Recycled cellulose is ideal when green products are desired or required
  • Can be incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending


Fluid Absorbed Oils, Coolants, Solvents, Water – Universal
Color Gray
Recycled Content 100% Mixture of Pre- and Post-Consumer Recycled Cellulose
Absorbency Up to 8 gal. per bag
Brand PIG
Unit Weight 22 lb.
Sold as 1 bag
Weight 22 lbs.
NSN (National Stock Number) 4235-01-436-8317
# per Pallet 54
Composition Cellulose
Application General Absorbent
UNSPSC 47131902
Pigalog® Page Number Page 37


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By Steve


Oil Dry Lite

The product exceeds expectations, does a fabulous job, would definitely recommend for oil spill response kits

By Thomas


pig dry loose absorbents

Works well with oils, glycol and water. Keep a bag next to oil pumps, emergency generators and oil burners for spills and leaks. You will be amazed on how much 1 bag can absorb.

By Scott


Great Product

Works great for paint spills and oil. Would not use anything else.

By Ben


PIG Lite-Dri is great!

Great Product! Absorbs oil and water very well! A lifesaver when a heating oil tank leaked at my facility. MUCH better then kitty litter!!

By Lisa


Good product

Light weight, easy to use, more absorbent than clay and almost dust free. If you need an environmentally friendly absorbent then this is it.

By Cookie


PIG® Lite-Dri® Loose Absorbent

Highly Absorbent, the production plant swears by this stuff for machine leaks on the presses

By Wade


PIG Lite-Dri Loose Absorbent

Light weight, easy to use, more absorbent than clay and almost dust free. If you need an environmentally friendly absorbent then this is it.

By Wade


PIG Dri Loose Absorbent

Lite weight, easy to carry, you need less to do a whole lot more than dusty old clay, and much more absorbent than clay.

By David



I have been ordering the loose absorbent for the last four or five years. We are very pleased with the results. Thank you New Pig for your great products and your friendly and fast service it is GREATLY appreciated.

By Tim



This stuff works great. Easy to use and quick clean up. Used it for oil and other fluids. I will order it again when I run low.



PIG® Lite-Dri® Loose Absorbent

Lite weight, can carry more with lower risk of injury , need less weight to do a whole lot more than clay, and much easier on creeper & jack wheels , not quite as flammable as saw dust, but will fire up

By David


My New Pig Review

My most recent New Pig purchase was on your loose absorbent for the garage. We really like this product over anything else we have tried in the past very easy to use and cleanup is great. We really appreciate your company, service and the help we get when ordering your product we look forward to doing more business with New Pig in the near future. Thank You so much.

By Don


Absorbent Works Great - PIG was there for us

We had ordered absorbent as part of spill kits from Pig, not expecting to need to use it. Well we had an incident involving a non-employee vehicle that spilled coolant, oil and gas onto our parking lot. Once the car was moved (2 hours later), we grabbed the spill kit and used the absorbent and it worked great, even after waiting 2 hours. Then, we had to order more absorbent from PIG to replace what was used from the spill kit. The shipment was missing a bag of absorbent (which can happen - we're all human). Once I reported the missing bag from my order (through their website), PIG was on top of correcting the matter quickly and within 2 days, I received the missing bag. PIG even followed up with me shortly after to make sure I was happy with how this issue was resolved (which I was). PIG definitely was looking out for my satisfaction with their products and resolution to completion of the order on a timely manner.

By Sarkis


Works outstandingly.

This item is as good as advertised. First time we have used it and did an outstanding job!

By Helga


Loose Absorbent

Works well and gets the job done without a lot of mess

By Sheila


pig lite-drie

This is an exclent product, when ever we have bid spills that need to be cleaned up this get the job done .

By Sharon


Mess on a mess.

Absorbs greta, but you have a new mess to clean up afterwards. I prefer the spill mats to keep from having to sweep.

By Sheila


purchasing agent

New Pig is an awsome company, they credited me for product that we could not use, with no questions asked. They take care of their customers, just like they say they will.

By Sheila


purchasing agent

this is a great product, I would recomend it to anyone who has large spills. I work in a machine shop and we have used this for years it is great

By Craig


Lite-Dri absorbent is great

This is a great multi purpose absorbent to use anywhere in your shop or home. It's not pretty but it does a good job of absorbing liquids, grease, and other miscellaneous who knows what that is on the floor. Clean up is fairly easy with sweeping up. For sticky oils sweep up as soon as you can to avoid getting stuck to the floor, I don't think that is a product flaw but more of the nature of sticky stuff.

By Daniel


Lite Dri

This absorbent has worked excellently as a filler for hospital pharmaceutical waste bins. Its light weight and high absorbency make it the perfect material to reduce costs.

By Larry


Lite Dri

Very good product. Arrived quickly, Great service.

By Nathan


Better then Speedy Dry

When writing this Apperance isn't a real concern. It is what it is you can't make this look pretty nor do you need to. however the amounts of uses we have for this in areas where the mats just won't cut it like in the damned up spilled areas. the texture of the product won't allow for traction but that's not what it's made for. For absorbing liquids it rates higher on list, for clean up well when sweeping the compound its a little stubborn to get "ALL" of the peices but for the most part a broom and shovel work just fine.

Additional Information


Corrosive Liquids Notice

Not recommended for acids, bases or other corrosive liquids.