PIG® Mercury Spill Kit in Bucket

Absorbs up to 35.27 oz., Absorbs Mercury, UN1H2/Y6/S
Safely clean up mercury spills and suppress harmful vapors with this specially equipped kit containing absorbents, wipers and PPE.   Read More 

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Safely clean up mercury spills and suppress harmful vapors with this specially equipped kit containing absorbents, wipers and PPE.
  • Includes PIG Mercury Absorbent Powder to transform up to 1000 grams of visible mercury into a zinc amalgam
  • Suppress hazardous mercury vapors to limit worker exposure
  • Sweep up stabilized mercury with hand broom and dust pan for easy transfer into disposal bags (all components included)
  • Lightweight, 100% polyethylene container resists chemicals
  • Screw-on lid opens easily for access to supplies
  • Includes PPE to guard against hazardous materials
  • Contents are organized for quick, efficient response
  • Use PIG Mercury Cleanup Wipers to decontaminate hands, tools and surfaces
  • For info on custom kits, just call 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647)
  • Spill Kit dimensions are approximate


Wheels Included No
Container Type Bucket
Fluid Absorbed Mercury
Color White
Dimensions ext. dia. 8.75" x 8.125" H
Absorbency Up to 35.27 oz.
Brand PIG
High Visibility No
See-Through No
Sold as 1 each
Weight 5 lbs.
# per Pallet 120
Composition Wiper - Polypropylene/Cellulose Blend
Wiper Solution - Proprietary Mercury Neutralizer
Loose - Zinc Compound
Gloves – Latex

1 - PIG® Mercury Absorbent Powder (PLP602)

1 - Goggles

1 - 18 mil. Gloves

1 - 8.5" W x 9" L PIG® Mercury Cleanup Wipers (WIP1404)

1 - Dust Pan & Hand Broom

1 - 18" W x 30" H Polyethylene Disposal Bags (BAG201-S)

1 - Spatula

1 - Polyethylene Container and Lid

1 - Instructions

UNSPSC 47131905
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 127


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By Betsy


Still have Hg hanging around??

It's often just unavoidable....you may still have mercury-containing devices in your lab. This kit is everything that you need to clean up a spill in one convenient plastic pail. I didn't realize that the contents of our old kit were expired, and it's great to get a new one.

By Brandon


Mercury Spill kit

This kit is great! It has everything you need. From instructions to materials and the bucket it comes in is the waste shipping container. The cost of this kit saved us lots of money when compared to piecing all these items separately. New Pig continues to come up with great ways to provide the industry with innovative products.

By Simeon


why I purchased this spill kit

I haven't been able to see this spill kit in action. The only recommendation for a mercury spill kit came from my fluorescent light bulbs & thermometers recycler, who said "New Pig Corp has some good ones." Since I couldn't find a cheaper comprehensive mercury spill kit for cleaning up a substantial spill anyway, I went with this one. It looks as good a product as I would expect.

By Susie


Great Product

This Mercury spill kit has everything necessary for a mercury spill clean-up. The speed and efficiency in placing the order and the quick delivery is excellent and the price is much cheaper than other stores and provides the same items.

By Katie


The Kit that provides it all

This Mercury Spill Kit had everything in it that we would need if we ever had to clean up a spill. When told by upper management that we had to provide them to all of our facilities so of course cost was part of the equation when we were searching, This PIG Spill Kit was cheaper than other stores and provided the same items. Great purchase for something we hope we never have to use.

By Amelia


Mercury Spill Kit

Product was for resale - my company services municipalities and large institutions with the certified recycling of fluorescent bulbs and thought it would be a great idea if each of my customers would have your kit on hand -just in case. No use as yet-can not evaluate Performance Product was received favorably. Thank you.....looking forward to continuing business with New Pig. Amelia Puro President