PIG® Mildew-Resistant Water Absorbent Sock

Resists the Growth of Mildew Long-Term, Absorbs up to 1 gal. per sock, Includes (12) 3" x 48" socks
Absorbs water from leaks, drips and condensation without growing mildew! Leave them down long-term, then air-dry and reuse.   Read More 

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Absorbs water from leaks, drips and condensation without growing mildew! Leave them down long-term, then air-dry and reuse.
  • Flexible socks stop leaks, drips and condensation from under freezers, coolers and equipment from spreading into walkways
  • Absorbs water and can be left down long-term without growing mildew
  • Air-dry and reuse 1-3 times; squeeze water from sock or let sock air-dry before reuse
  • 100% polypropylene skin and filler resist the growth of mildew unlike cellulose absorbent socks
  • Two color options: choose yellow socks for high visibility or blue to blend in with surroundings
  • Polypropylene skin resists tearing; reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when fully saturated
  • "Caution" symbol printed along length of sock for added safety


Includes (12) 3" x 48" socks
Fluid Absorbed Water
Special Feature Resists the Growth of Mildew Long-Term
Dimensions ext. dia. 3" x 48" L
Absorbency Up to 12 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 1 gal. per sock
Brand PIG
Filler Polypropylene
Skin/Outer Mesh Skin - Polypropylene
Sold as 12 socks per box
Weight 13.8 lbs.
# per Pallet 24
Application Leaks & Drips, Maintenance
UNSPSC 47131904
Pigalog® Page Number Page 66


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By Hope



First time user, but it was nice how much they absorbed, and are reusable.

By Kelly


Does the job.

I use these for my leaky basement along with other Pig products. I like that I can take these out to dry and reuse. I use one at my back door on the outside too. So far so good.

By ed


Works well

We have used these for many years due to a basement leak during heavy rains. Very absorbent and have reused them many times.

By Andrew


Very good but disappointing

We have used the water absorbable pigs on our screened porch this past year. They didn't really get tested until the past few weeks when our gutters were full and water steamed in during two heavy rains. Both times they did a GREAT job absorbing water, but... both times we lost one pig due to a split in the covering causing the absorbent material to come out. I'm sorry because we were really looking forward to using these through many storms to come.

By Jason


Worked like a charm in my leaky basement

I get water in the one area of my basement during thunderstorms. I was using bath towels to block/absorb. Found these. Amazing. I put down like 4 layers and the water did not even make it past the first row of these socks. I like that the inside is PP. I just let them air dry and then put them back for the next storm. I can now store stuff in this area without fear of it getting ruined. No longer do I have to worry if I am not home and heavy rain comes over my house.

By Sharon


Floor Flows to the South

My landlord warned me that all water in garage would flow to the south outside wall, so I went to Goodwill and bought about 2 dozen towels to put on floor once the snow started. They captured the melt, but were so heavy to take up, wash, dry and return. At a retired teacher's luncheon, a friend mentioned to me (after hearing my problem) that her husband bought something to absorb oil. There must be something to absorb water. So the next day I went on-line and found PIGS. I ordered a box of 12(105 BL) and I could not believe it. The floor in my garage is dry most of the time, even if I pull my car in covered with snow. Each one holds one gallon of water and it is amazing how they have changed my life. I gave 5 away and ordered 2 more boxes of 12. I have a friend that is a contractor and he wants 12; another friend wants 4 and another friend wants 3. I love showing them off (picture on my phone) and telling about the miracle of PIGS. My neighbors probably think I am ordering pork!

By Joanne


Great Value

All the Pig products I have purchased in the past have been great and done a good job. This was no different in that is did a great job. It went beyond my hopes by doing more then expected. Pig items are priced good everyday. When this product went further then expected it became a great value. I would recommend them to others without hesitation.

By Mike


Absorbent Sock

I highly recommend the absorbent sock. They are light weight, environment safe and easy to manage. The socks are extremely great for absorbing wet floor conditions. They are easy for drying to be reused. AWESOME PRODUCT!!! A+

By anne


PIG Products

I have been very satisfied with our relationship with PIG and their wonderful products. Even when part of a shipment did not get delivered, the customer service representative was quick to alleviate the problem and get us the remainder of our order quickly. It is truly a pleasure to do business with such a reputable company and their fine product.

By Sylvia


Great Refill

I was able to refill 3 spill kits with one order. Love that I can dry them out and they wont mildew so that I can use them several times around little leaks.

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