PIG™ Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty

12 - 4 oz. Tubes, 12 each
Top quality resins bond better and stay stronger so repairs last - we guarantee it! Fix it fast and fix it right with PIG Epoxy Putty.   Read More 

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Top quality resins bond better and stay stronger so repairs last - we guarantee it! Fix it fast and fix it right with PIG Epoxy Putty.
  • Customer-favorite PIG Epoxy Putty sticks to almost anything and cures fast
  • Made with the highest-quality epoxy resins to bond better and stay stronger; adheres to steel, glass, masonry and most plastics
  • Convenient, premeasured epoxy has Parts A and B in one tube ready for kneading
  • Cures concrete-hard in 1 hour for drilling, tapping, sanding or painting
  • Nontoxic, VOC- and solvent-free putty can be used on potable water lines
  • 3- to 5-minute working time
  • A great addition to any toolbox or response kit
  • PIG Putty is not intended for making structural repairs


Color Gray
Dimensions 7" L
Brand PIG
Handling Time 3 Minutes
Pipe Size Unlimited
Pipe Pressure Pressurized, Non-Pressurized
Repair Type Permanent
Temperature Limit -20°F (-29°C) to 250°F (121°C) Continuous, 300°F (149°C) Intermittent
Sold as 12 per box
Weight 4 lbs.
NSN (National Stock Number) 8030-01-436-8318
# per Pallet 300
Composition 15% Epoxy Resins
1.5% Catalyst
83.5% Non-Hazardous Proprietary Ingredient
Application Multi-Purpose
Shelf Life 2 years
UNSPSC 31201607
Volume 4 oz. Tube
Pigalog® Page Number Page 266

Accessories for PTY201


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By Brenda


Pig Putty PTY202

I work for an electric motor shop, we have been using the PTY202 pig putty for a very long time. Works great!

By David


Quick Solution

Fast acting and great addition to spill response.

By Chauncey


Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty

A great addition to any emergency response kit. We have used this product for years and have always had success with it. It is quick and convenient to use. I have never found a surface that it hasn't worked on. Great product!

By Danny


I had to try it to believe it!

Equipping 100 trucks with a product that you hope you will never need is a tough choice. I bought a tube of Multi Purpose Epoxy Putty and worked with some friends to find an old aluminum fuel tank. It was dirty, we drilled a hole about the size of a dime in it and beat it with a hammer then put fuel in the tank. One of my mechanics mixed some putty while I filmed the process. Another tech turned the fuel tank so that fuel would pour out of the hole. I was surprised to see this putty, even after being wet with diesel actually patched the hole in this dirty fuel tank. That week I bought another 100 tubes. Still, I hope I never have another fuel spill.

By Mike


PTY201 Super putty

The possibilities are endless with this putty. It can be drilled and tapped and shaped to whatever you need. Great stuff.

By Mike


Epoxy putty

New Pig's epoxy putty is the best I have used and I have tried many different brands.

By Mike


PTY 201

The epoxy putty has various uses. It can be drilled and tapped to attach it or most surfaces can be roughed up for it to adhere.

By John


Undisputed champion in my book of tricks

I have trusted PIG PUTTY for as long as it has been available. Great product that has never let me down

By Wayman


Great Insurance Policy

We use the putty to stop diesel leaks due to punctured fuel tanks with our fleet. Saves the money of cleanup costs and helps keep our trucks on the road.

By Mike


PTY 201

The epoxy putty works great for us because it does not shrink. We use it to match upper and lower die steels.

By Ken


Works Great!

We use it for Blow Mold repairs in the press.

By Chris


Great & Tough Go To

I love having this pig putty around. We use it to make quick, temporary repairs to fuel leaks around our field. I actually used it as a temporary repair for a fuel leak on the wing of a C-17 Globemaster III while I was in the Air Force. The crew was grateful and told me they were glad I had a means to get them flying back home.

By Mike


Repair putty

The PTY201 is always easy to use and reliable.

By Mike


Epoxy Putty

Overall performance is good.

By Richard


Multi-purpose Pig Putty

I've been using Pig Putty for the last 10 years now. It is a very durable product that performs in an industrial setting to our needs. We ordered The product on Friday afternoon and we actually had the Pig Putty at our facility Tuesday Morning. The shipping is actually 1 - 2 working days to reach its end user. Pig Putty is a very resourceful product with many uses. I will and would refer everyone that has a bonding issue to try Pig Putty multi-purpose Epoxy.

By Alice


Best Stuff Ever!

Used for many repairs in our tool & die shop. Delivered quickly, performs great, a must-have item to keep on hand.

By Gregory


Repair Putty

The repair putty is an excelelnt resource to have around your facility. We keep it in our facility vehicles since anything can happen on 128 acres and over 1 million square feet of buildings. We even use it for a split valve on a proces line to keep us running until we can shut down and repair.

By Matt


Works Great

The product works flawlessly and does not require special skills to apply. I would recommend this others.

By Alice


The guys love it!

The guys in my shop swear by Pig Putty! I have also had it used for personal repairs, and it works great! You can fix nearly anything!

By Shane


The best stuff out there!

This stuff is awesome! I've repaired countless things-- pipe, plastic, steel, plumbing, threads...you name it and this putty can fix it!

By Shane


Better than any other product like it!

This stuff is awesome. It is better than any of the competition out there! we've used it in several heavy-duty applications and it always holds up!

By Jeff



The PTY201 repair putty works a bit too well for some of our staff. It is sometimes used to perform a temporary repair in our facilty and never gets revisited due to its durabilty.

By Carol


Excellent product

My company has been purchasing and using this product for years. Excellent product, works for many applications and has a long shelf life. New Pig is a great supplier and all products are delivered quickly and packed appropriately.

By Robert


Long Term

I Started using pig putty over 20 years ago.The first time I used it was to fix a leaking fuel oil tank used the tank for a year with the pig putty on it NO leak's, then a friend had a leaking gas tank on his truck I picked at the rust then the gas was just pouring out pushed the putty in the hole and held it there done no leaks,well 15 years later I still had a couple of tubes well I had a leaking radiator the top tank is plastic the crack was two inches long the putty was a little crusty but it still did the job no leaks after 2 weeks PIG PUTTY is incredible

By Brenda


Pig Epoxy Putty

Great product, easy to use - no mixing - just knead and use. Dries in 20 minutes to a tough finish.

By Jerry


an old standby

this product has been an old standby in the tool box


For Repair Purposes Only

Not intended for structural applications. For repairing applications only.