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PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad

Heavyweight, 15" x 20", 100 pads
Lasts 2X longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs, while only absorbing oil and fuels, NOT water. Loves oil. Hates water.   Read More 

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Lasts 2X longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs, while only absorbing oil and fuels, NOT water. Loves oil. Hates water.
  • Our most cost-effective mat when you only need to absorb oil-based liquids
  • Eight layers of 100% polypropylene are thermally bonded to make PIG Mat the strongest mat on the market; won't rip, tear or fray even when saturated
  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave behind liquids or fiber residue
  • Absorbs oil and fuels, NOT water
  • White color tells you it’s only for oils and fuels; draws attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response
  • Floats to clean up spills on water
  • Can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending
  • Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills
  • Easy-tear perforations let you take only what you need, so you use less mat and save money
  • Heavy-weight construction is highly durable and absorbent for demanding tasks and large-volume cleanups
  • Mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids - always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Traffic Not Recommended for Foot Traffic
Static-Dissipative No
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Use; Short-Term Outdoor Use
Floating Yes
Perforated Pattern 10" x 15" sections
Reusable No
Wringable Yes
Incinerable Yes
Flammability Specifications Flame Resistant - Will melt and self-extinguish
Fluid Absorbed Oils, Fuels, Other Oil-Based Liquids Only
Color White
Dimensions 15" W x 20" L
Mat Weight Heavyweight
Absorbency Up to 22 gal. per bag
Absorbency per Up to 28.16 oz. per pad
Brand PIG
Category PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat
Perforated Yes
Sold as 100 pads per bag
Weight 17 lbs.
NSN (National Stock Number) 4235-01-528-0390
# per Pallet 36
Composition Polypropylene
UNSPSC 47131901
UV Resistant No
Pigalog® Page Number Page 43


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By Mark



Had rainbows in my run off ditch, tossed one in at the source and no more rainbows!! So easy to use!

By James


Oil Only Pig Mats!

These are the best pads on the market and work fantastic in our metal fabrication shop! We use these under all our waterjet tools and pumps and they really soak up the hydraulic fluid off the surface of water under the intensifier pumps.

By Thomas


Works great

Does a great job on hydraulic oil even in below freezing conditions.




The best pad at a great value! Work great! I tried a different brand on the suggestion of a Manager and we immediately switched back as it turned out we were going through double than we needed to with the PIG mat pads!!

By greg


White oil mats??

Who would think of making a oil mat white? We love them in my lube shop where we have put them on the stairs coming out of the oil pit and keeping all the oil from getting from the downstairs to the upstairs!

By Thomas


Best pad

Can't believe how fast it works

By Carol



We have these to ship automatically but when we need more this is what we order. Our tech's love the product; and I love the free gifts :)

By joshua


Best pads for the money!

We love the MAT403, we use them anytime we are moving oil in/out of units. Amazingly absorbent, and pretty darn durable.

By Shelbie


Great product

This product is great! Also arrived really fast!

By Neil


Great product

Have ordered these pads many times from New Pig. Flawless and fast delivery every time and pads work extremely well. Highly recommend!




Great product, Great pricing and Fast Delivery!!

By Carol


New Pig

We love new pig. Love the absorbant pads, etc. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

By John


Absorbent Pads

Great product and fast delivery.

By Lonny


MAT403 Is an awesome product from an awesome company

Awesome Product from a top notch company. I just bought The MAT403 absorbent pads. I used them for the first and they are awesome. We use them when checking our well levels. when pulling the tape out there are minor oil spills and drips that could run down onto the ground. These mats soak up more oil than you'd think given their size. We also use them under our motors for small leaks. I also use their absorbent booms for our raw water intake. I change them normally every 3 to 4 months, but they have lasted me up to 6 to 7 months in the Yuma AZ sun. New Pig has been our "go to" source for all containment requirements, etc. The company is prompt in shipping and billing, is eager to help with inquiries and I'm always greeted by a friendly voice at the other end when I call and quick to answer any of E-mails. I wouldn't think of using any other outlet for my cleanup and prevention needs.

By Steven


Excellent delivery, excellent product

Product was delivered promptly as promised. Material works just as good as previous supplier product and it much more economical. Really appreciate the low environmental impact packaging, no wasted cartons.

By Ryan


Magic, pure magic

These actually do exactly as they say to the highest degree. They absolutely do not absorb any water, but rather they float on top and quickly absorb oil until they’re saturated with oil. We find them perfect for spill containment where there is oil on top of water (leaking bearing unit, etc).

By Scott


Good product for the money

Pads work well for oil cleanup. Far better than generic pads. Good value for the price.

By Duane


We use both option, mats & rolls, just recently switched to this part # due to cost savings over the 4-1 pads not always needed if just oil spill. Great product.

By Scott


Service is Key

We are a large fuel distributor, and we use the oil absorbent "PIG PADS" to keep our loading area clean. We also use them to keep our customer's property petroleum free. PIG makes it so easy to place an order. They always know the product we're looking before we ask for it, and they know the address that the shipment goes to before we give it to them. The entire order is complete within two minutes or so. On top of that, they always give a small gift to the person placing the order. Bonus!

By William


Great Product

The Oil Absorbent pads are a great product when it comes to separating oil from water in a spill response activity.

By Jeremy



Great mat! Excellent for use in the aviation environment. Cleans up all oily drips and minor spills easily.

By Lisa


Absorbent mats

Our service technicians use the absorbent mats on a daily basis, they are quality mats. We take pride in our work and customers rely on that, so this product gets a big thumbs up from all of us here at Millers.

By Douglas


Perfect Mat

We use these for cleaning up transformer oil. Sometimes we have to wipe the interior of electrical equipment. These mats do a great job absorbing lots of oil while leaving very little fibers.

By Jeff


Amazing Product

Our Service Technicians have been using New Pig product for years and refuse to use anything else. It works as advertised. We build / repair Gas Stations and cleaning up oil and fuel is a legal requirement and this product does the job no matter what the conditions.

By Debi



We have been buying from them for years and have always had excellent service. Very helpful

By Hayden


Great product!

Beyond awesome! Wish more products were as good as this one. All other similar products do not hold a candle to PIG PADS.

By Greg


Great Mats

I have been ordering these mats for over 15 years. I previously used another brand but found the Pig brand to be superior in soaking up oil. I believe the price to be a bit high, but as I always say, you get what you pay for, and the Pig brand oil mats are just plain GREAT MATS!!

By Shayee


Awesome Mats!

I purchased these mats to control oil. When we didn't use the mats, we had oil all over the floor & making it very slick. After we put these mats up & use the mats to spray the oil on, there is no more oil spots on the floors. Makes the day much safer & cleaner now!!

By Anthony


Awesome Product from a top notch company

I have been buying these Oil Only absorbent mats from New Pig for nearly 10 years. We use them in our heavy equipment shop where minor oil spills and drips are common. These mats soak up more oil than you'd think given their size. We also use them, believe it or not, as "floaters" on the top of our wastewater recycling system, in which we use recycled water to pressure wash equipment. We commonly throw two or three of these mats in the wastewater holding pond, and they float on the surface and absorb the oil that sits atop the water before it goes into the recycling system. Works surprisingly well, especially when used with the oil absorbent booms also available thru New Pig. New Pig has been our "go to" source for all containment requirements, safety supplies, signage, etc. The company is prompt in shipping and billing, is eager to help with inquiries and I'm always greeted by a friendly voice at the other end when I do call. I wouldn't think of using any other outlet for my cleanup and prevention needs.




I have used these in the past and incorporated them in to the New Machine Shop I work for. Great to prevent safety hazards with Machine overflow or oil spills. These are also great for table tops where chemicals will be used to reduce damage to work benches and soak up any excess of material used. Definitely recommend. Very economical when purchasing in bulk. Quick Shipping and Exceptional Customer Service

By Shayee


Great Mats!

We use these to soak up oil while drilling. They are super absorbent! Definitely keep the floors much cleaner & not as slick since we have been using these pads! Well worth the money!

By Corinna


Pig pads

We are extremely satisfied with the quality of these absorbent pads!! We also like that they are perforated so you don't have to use a whole mat, if not needed. We are on auto delivery so we never have to worry about running out and forgetting to order and if we want to increase or decrease our auto delivery quantity, it is very simple!!! We would recommend these pads to anyone in our type of business.

By Mark



Great stuff, we us it to soak up spilled shortening, hydraulic spills etc. Couldn't do with out it!




We run a very large rock quarry next to a river. Keeping our area clean and the environment safe is a top priority here. These mats make it very easy for us to do so, allowing us to soak up any oil spills quick and easy! They're lightweight and easy to store on all of our equipment. We use them for all of our spills and leaks, and with the easy to order method I am able to get them quick and easy. Will definitely continue to use!!

By Al


The Best Mat Pad In Every Category

This is the best oil absorbent pad on the market. We had to go thru several different brands before finding this one from New Pig. Now no more searching, just place order with New Pig knowing the price is better than any other pad we have ordered from various vendors and shipping/delivery time is also quicker.

By Travis


Mat 160 Works great

We use the Mat 160 for all types of leaks and spills. Never any issues with product sticking to the ground after product dries. New Pig products always work better than other brands.

By Dustin


Great absorbants

We love to use these to absorb any oil that gets on water or around our pieces of equipment. These are awesome to set on water since they only absorb oil products and wick away the water. Very useful and recommended for anyone that works around oil or petroleum based products.

By Debi


The Best Mat Soaker Upper

Works great with whatever spill that needs to be soaked up.

By Nathan


The Ultimate Fuel Soaker Upper

This mat? This mat right here is the best on the market! Soaks up fuel like no other! A++ RATING from me and i use them everyday!

By Ben


Absorbent MAT

Absolutely Fantastic! We use both inside the shop and out on job sites, and could not ask for a more dependable product. Super absorbent and heavy duty. Holds up great!. Easy to transport or store in the shop. I will definitely purchase again and again!

By robert


This is "THE MAT"

These oil only mats are far superior to any other absorbent mat that we have tried. We have a challenging environment 'wet and oily'. It is no issue for these ultra absorbent mats. We started out using them solely in maintenance and now they are used throughout the plant. and auto ship is the way to go so that you never run out!!

By Shayee


Excellent Mats!

We do a lot with oil & these mats absorb it like crazy!! These mats are great!!

By Jack


They are Great!

They are awesome for cleaning up spills. I also love to use them when I am filling pails and drums with motor oil or hydraulic fluid. They really get the oil off my hands WAY better than a regular rag.

By Debi


MAT 403

We do the autoship and if anything changes where we need it before all I do is make a phone call and it is changed. Everyone is pleasant. Product is good.

By Keith


We love pig mats

Here at A. Montano our shop will only use Pig absorbent mats! They are the best! They only soak up oil not water!

By Wayne


Mat 403

I own fuel oil company we use these mats all the time and they work great. You can also ring them out and reuse

By Mark


Mat 403

Great product! We use it to soak up spilled fry shortening and cutting oil/coolant.

By John


Oil absorbent mat403

I work in a heavy equipment shop and these mats work quick.

By James



We use these mats under our hydraulic pumps for our water jets, these pads work great and we like that we can use a half pad for smaller areas

By Wayne


Oil-Only Absorbent Mats

I work in a scrap recycling facility and New Pig is the only place we order our absorbent mats from. I have had offers from other companies for a cheaper price and always choose New Pig. No one can beat their customer service, speed of shipping or their quality products.

By Miles



We use primarily the MAT403 PIG MATS for our oil spills. They really do a GREAT job!

By robert


Simply The Best

These oil only mats are far superior to any other absorbent mat that we have tried. We have a challenging environment (wet and oily). It is no issue for these ultra absorbent mats. We started out using them solely in maintenance and now they are used throughout the plant. and auto ship is the way to go so that you never run out!!

By Scot


Oil-only mats

Best product line I have ever used for the job at hand. quick shipping and a fair value.

By Mark



Great product, works great on used fry shortening also!

By Gregory


Brings home the bacon

I use these in the electric utility industry, they work exactly as described, absorbing oil-based products and not water. We use them for everything from oil changes on our fleet vehicles to absorbing drips under transformers and oil circuit breakers. And New Pig's quick shipping proves that Pigs can fly...

By Robin


Oil-absorbent mat pads

We use these when operating the dredge here on site. They work really well and the guys are very pleased with them!

By Shayee



These mats are great! They soak up oil with no dripping!

By Eve


Oil only mats

We use these constantly in our shop, they really work well for crude, red-dye, you name it. The guys in the shop only request these mats, nothing else compares.

By Francine


Oil Only Mat

I have been using these mats for years. Once, I tried a competitor's similar product... they were useless! No comparison whatsoever to the pig mat. I will never stray again!!!

By Gary



good products..... easy ordering on line good delivery time..

By Jim


Best there is.

I have used New Pig for many years. They have the best products and service. I tried a few other companies, but the weren't nowhere as good. They have the best team of personnel I have ever seen. I don't plan to ever use anyone else.

By Mark


Absorbent mat

Good product, we have been buying this product for a long time!

By Fred


Great Product

The spill mats are great and so is the web site easy to place orders.

By Laura


The Best Product Around!

I have been ordering this product for over 20 years for our specific needs. It has never failed to deliver!

By Doug


Great Product

I really like these mats. They are great for cleaning up oil spills especially in a wet environment. My only complaint is that they went away from making them in a 10 x13 pad that fit easily in my spill boxes. I still use them just have to find a different place to store them.

By Anthony



Works great, best products around!

By wayne


Super Absorbent!

I've been using these absorbent pads for years, and they've been great! I've had no issues, and will continue using them with my business.

By Melissa


Piggy Pad Review

Overall very pleased with this product. Pricing could be better. Online ordering process is easy and convenient.



Pig Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad

The Pig mats are fast absorbing & locks in oil. It is a superior Oil pad with great pricing. It was delivered expediently & we have order products form Pig 3 times so far & look forward to future purchases from Pig.

By Tony


Oil-Only Pads (MAT 403)

We are a petroleum carrier. We have tried other competitors' products, but nothing compares to the PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Pads. We may give others a try, but we always come back to the "PIG".

By lukas


Overall great perfomance

Diesel Smith LLC thanks you for our first order of mats. Great product, and we will look forward to future use. A little expensive but good durable quality. Thanks, Lukas Smith Owner/Director of Technical Operations

By Mark


PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad Item MAT403.

We use these on our countertops and they work great, will order more soon!

By Melvin


What's not to like?

This product works as advertised. It does the job efficiently. The pads can be wrung out and re-used in a pinch, and make great fire-starters if you're so inclined. Similarly, ordering is a breeze, the personnel with whom I've interfaced are knowledgeable and pleasant. Does Newpig make senators?




Very impressed

By Paul


Mat Pad 403

Always pleased with Pig Products, Have never had a problem from ordering to delivery. Personnel at Pig Central alway friendly and very informative. Thank You for an awesome sevice

By Katrina


Great Product

the product was totally good and easy to use. New pig delivers it quickly and has an update on time. Yes, we will purchase it again.

By fred


just right

no reason to order this kind of stuff anywhere else.They got what I wanted and got it to me FAST.

By Melinda


Great Product!

The oil only mats are a must for oil changes at our production plant. They keep oil off the floor and repel any water and soak up excess oil.

By John


Absorbant Oil Pads

Very Good Sqeal Soakers For Oil Spills

By Ariel


Perfect to clean out a big oil mess.

If you are looking for something that help you to clean a oil spill, this is the right product.

By Thomas


PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad Item MAT403

This is the best product on the market for absorbing oil

By Bryan


Cleans up the mess

This is really handy to absorb my equipment leaks. Better way to collect the hydraulic fluid and then to dispose of it.

By Joshua


Exactly what we need.

Does just what we them to do every time. simple use and easy to dispose of. Pig Mats are simply the best.

By Paula


Great Absorbant Pads!

These pads are great. The best part is they are perforated so you can use a half a pad when the need for a whole pad is not there. We will certainly purchase again.

By Robert


PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad Item MAT403

Great product at an even better price! Nothing compares to PIG pads.

By Paula


New Pig Oil Absorbant Mat Pads

We have been really happy with the performance of the mats purchased from NewPig. We were purchasing similar mats from another source, but there is an added bonus to these in that you can tear them in half and use a half mat size. Very useful. New Pig is really easy to work with and have quick delivery.

By Robert


great products

Love the products, won't waste my time and use anything else.

By lucas


little more design

great product, works excellent but could use some color on the pig to make it stand out.

By Chris


Great Product

We used a cheaper brand. Our drivers saw other companies using these absorbent pads and they were throwing them away after one use. Our drivers were taking them out of the trash and reusing them. They are good for multiple use if you are soaking up the same products. Pig specializes in leaks and spill products and you can tell.

By Jimmy




By Joshua



Works for what I need.

By Joseph


Great for wet areas.

This mat works great in wet areas that have oily residue.

By Paul



Great product to help keep our old engine room clean of oil on the floor.

By cliff


great product

this product works awesome and is neat and clean, way better than floor dry or cat litter spread around your shop.

By Dorion


Always Impressed

I bought some generic oil mats from McMaster Carr a while back and was reminded why I liked New Pig. The absorbent sheets would tear when you tried to separate them at the perforation, and where not as absorbent. The only reason I bought them was because McMaster Carr could deliver the pads within 24 hours of me ordering them. But here I am, back with new pig. Thanks,

By Clint


Pig Mat

The mats are very adaptable to a variety of different cleanup situations. We use them all over our facility and continue to keep them in good supply on site and in our company vehicles. They are especially handy for changing fuel filters on tanks so fuel doesn't get all over the tank.

By Jeremy


Loves oil!

These pads are great! Our facility packages mineral seal oil frequntly, these pads are great to put down by leaky hose couplings and for clean-up when a leak or spill occurs. Pricing and shipping are great too! I will order these again.

By Bennie


Super Quality

Tried others, these are by far the best

By Joe



Good material, does what it is advertised to do.

By Thomas


oil absorbant pad

Works just like advertised!

By Ann



You are a great company to work with. your pads are a little more expensive, but locally made so worth it.

By John


PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad Item# MAT403

excellent quality and service



best price around

looked at many places to buy these and this was best price

By Anthony


MAT 403 Pads from New Pig

We use New Pig's MAT403 in our shop on nearly every job. In a construction equipment shop where oil leakage and spillage is quite common, we use these mats every day. They absorb oil like a sponge and rarely, when picked up, do they drip residual oil. I keep them in every mechanic's bay at arm's reach. They are an indispensible part of keeping a clean shop and workplace. New Pig as a company provides probably the best customer support I have seen among the many vendors I deal with. Their shipping is extremely prompt and their communication back to me, should there be any questions or rarely a problem with the order, has always been excellent. I've been a customer for about 5 years, and every time I place an order with them I am reminded of why I am a repeat customer....they truly set the bar for customer service!

By Eric


Pig Oil only Mat cleans op the slop and looks good doing it.

We use these pads in the petroleum industry and would recommend them to everyone. We had a spill in which 10 gallons of fuel oil (red dye) went into a large puddle in a parking lot. We laid the mats on the surface of the water and watched in amazement as they turned red and pulled the fuel oil out of the water, we then wrung out the mats and laid them back on the water again! These mats do not fray or fall apart when you are wiping up a spill and in some circumstances can be used more then once. Our trucks do not leave the yard without these mats in the tool box!





By Thomas


Absorbent Mats

We purchased both the MAT203 Heavy Universal mats and the MAT403 Oil Only Mats for our repair department. Both mats work great. We have tried others and kitty litter type absorbent and found Newpig mats to be better in both price and absorbent. Delivery was the next day for our location which worked out well for us as we don't have to keep a large inventory on stock. Ordering on line was easy and fast. The company is great.

By Kara


Oil Only Grease Mats

These oil only grease mats work great for our line of work, we use a great amount of oil to keep out machines up and running and these mats hold allow us to run more and worry about the oil mess less. This product obsorbs way more oil then the average oil mat, great product!

By Mark


Oil only Mat #403

This is best product that i have found to soak up oil in the field. When its raining and we have any spills, drips or what nots these mats will quickly soak up the oil. What is very beneficial is the fact that with winter weather fast approaching they will soak up the oil and NOT water which saves money and time. I will continue to purchase these as long as you sell them. I have already purchased 18 bags with another order to be placed soon. Thank You again New Pig for another quality product..

By Mary Ann


will order again

Occasionally an oil line will break on one of our presses and we'll have a mess. The mats are a nice size to use either alone or in multiples, not too bulky and absorb very well.

By Maggie


review pig pads

I own a small automotive repair facility in Jersey. I love your pig pads. Soak up oils, antifreeze etc...clean and tidy. Easy to use, easy to dispose. Greatest product. Used to use clay "kitty" litter. So dusty and so messy. Awful. Your Pig pad is a wonderful product. Keep up the great work.

By Kathy


Oil only mat

I tried a cheaper brand- and that is what I got-- Cheap Our technicans love these mats for working on oil burners- no spots on the customers floor!

By Lyle


PIG® Oil-Only Mat #MAT403

My Office has used New Pig for some time and find the company very easy to deal with, especially in ordering. We have found that the majority of our County Hazardous Material Team response is based around fuel oil and diesel fuel spill response. The oil-only mat works very well for this type of spill and is very easy to deply.

Additional Information


Outdoor Use Notice

Intended for indoor use or short-term outdoor use only; not suited for extended exposure to direct sunlight.

Safety Instructions Regarding Flammable Liquids for Flame Resistant Mats

Pig Absorbent Mats are flame resistant in their unused state, but take on the properties of flammable liquids they absorb. Always take proper precautions against potential ignition in handling and disposal of these mats if they have absorbed flammable liquids. For further assistance, please call Technical Services.