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PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Sock

3" x 48", Absorbs up to 1 gal. per sock, 12 socks
The best outdoor sock you can buy for oily spills on land – UV resistant up to one year.   Read More 

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The best outdoor sock you can buy for oily spills on land – UV resistant up to one year.
  • Outlasts other outdoor socks with the most UV resistant construction you can buy. Period.
  • Moldable socks hug corners and surround machine bases to absorb machine leaks, contain puddles and keep workers safe
  • Cellulose filler is hydrophobic for containing and absorbing oil-based spills in a variety of environments
  • Polypropylene skin resists tearing; reduces dust and holds in liquid, even when saturated
  • Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids - including lubricants and fuels - without absorbing a drop of water
  • Ideal for use on land, but also floats to clean up oil-based liquids on water
  • Attached string allows socks to be tied down, tied together or dipped into tanks
  • Skin is UV resistant up to 12 months; meets ANSI and MIL spec standards for static decay
  • Recycled content is ideal when green products are desired or required
  • Not recommended for use with acids, bases or other corrosives


Fluid Absorbed Oils, Fuels, Other Oil-Based Liquids Only
Color White
Dimensions ext. dia. 3" x 48" L
Recycled Content 95% Mixture of Pre- and Post-Consumer Recycled Cellulose
Absorbency Up to 12 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 1 gal. per sock
Brand PIG
Filler Hydrophobic Cellulose
Skin/Outer Mesh Skin - Polypropylene
Sold as 12 socks per box
Weight 13 lbs.
NSN (National Stock Number) 7930-01-426-7903
# per Pallet 24
Application Skimming
UNSPSC 47131904
Pigalog® Page Number Page 54

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By Mark


Great preventive

Use it between my sediment pits in my bar wash. Gets any oil that gets through my pits. Haven't failed a DEP test since.

By shannon


#1 Every time

Great Product! Great Company! The only place I will buy these items because I know what great quality I am getting.

By Glenda


PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Sock

This is an excellent product, great pricing, and I would recommend to anyone who needs to catch any type of oil, grease, cooking fats when necessary. Our company offers High Pressure Washing Services geared toward cleaning Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems and these are perfect to catch the cooking greases while high pressure cleaning the hood filters.

By Ed


Pig Oil Only Absorbent Sock saves the day

During a recent heavy rain event, there was an oily sheen on the surface of some run off water due to maintenance on some equipment that wasn't properly cleaned under after repairs. That never happens right !!!!! We used the oil only absorbent socks to remove the sheen off of the run off water before releasing it to the Stormwater drains and into the nearby river. My company is an Environmental company and a oil release into a river is not acceptable at all. Thanks New Pig !!!!!

By Shane


Absorbent socks rock!!

The absorbent socks I bought for our test cells and outdoor fuel farm work flawlessly and are a great product to have on hand at all times!!!!

By William


Best Product on the market

These oil absorbent socks are some of the best socks on the market. They are great for skimming oil of the water and separating oil from the water in spills

By David


Sucked the oil right out of the gutter and stopped the flow of oil!

We had a small oil spill in our parking lot and used these socks along with oil only pads and were able to clean up the spill before the oil could get into the storm sewer. They worked on standing water and on the pavement where the oil was dripping! They saved the day!





By Bill




By Kaitlyn


Great Sock

Very absorbent, only absorbs oil, sturdy

By Andrew


Excellent Product

I purchased a large quantity of these to help assist with any type of oil spill in our factory. Unfortunately, we had to use these due to an emergency breakdown and they worked as advertised. I was very happy with these and the price is great as well.

By Ashley


Oil-Only Socks in Machine Shop

We have been loving these socks around the base of our machines! We have been using oil-dry for years but it can be such a mess and takes time to change. With these socks, we just replace them as they get full, and go about our day.

By Cindy



The Absorbent Sock is so light weight yet holds more fluid than expected. It was left in an area for an extended period of time and it help up to all the harsh outdoor elements ... This is a great product and I will re-order for sure.

By Daniel


Great Product

New Pig's Oil-Only Absorbent Socks have been a great addition to our spill cart. They provide a quick effective way to protect storm drains from hazardous spills that could occur.

By Mindi


Fast Ship and Easy to Use

Let's start off by saying that the delivery of these were super fast. I was not expecting them the next day (during the holidays). Next.... The Absorbent Socks are easy to use just about anywhere. They are bendable or you can tie end to end for longer ones. Whatever length you need, wherever you need to use them.... They get the job done! With all that said, we (the company I work for) have decided that we will purchase these again and probably again after that!

By Dan


Superior Product

This is one of those instances where you really do "get what you pay for." I stock pig oil-only absorbents in all of my spill kits because they do function more efficently than other competitors "like" products that I have tried out. For any petroleum based spills these socks allow our company to create a dam and only soak up what we intend, rather than competitor products that become bogged down with H20.

By Daniel


Great Experience

I have dealt with all kinds New Pig products since I first started in the aviation field over 5 years ago. I have only positive things to say about your products. As for customer service this is the second time I have been on the ordering side of things and no problems so far. Shipping times are quick and email updates with offers are the icing on the cake. Thank you for providing great products and good customer service. I look forward to future business with your company. Daniel

By Rob


PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Sock Item SKM210

This product is Piggerific. You won't be crying about spilled oil so long as you bring these Ultra Absorbent Socks our to your spill. New pig provides superior products and customer service that will make you squeal.

By ron


pig socks

Excellent product. We use these often and hold up well to the outside ellements.

By Dan


Oil Absorbent Socks work Great!

In the New Engalnd winter conditions (especially this year)these oil only absorbent socks work out great! I've had great success with this product in the past, so I make sure to keep them stocked and on hand in our spill kits. In snow or directly into water these socks can be used in order to pick up any oil product and shed water without becoming bogged down. Thanks for the consistancy!

By andy



New Pig has continued to offer superior products and customer service to our company. When it comes to getting the dirty jobs done, New Pig delivers.

By Talinda


Oil Absorbent

This product makes our work space safe from slipping on oil spills. The one thing you don't want is work place accidents and this product helps to eliminate that occurance when used properly. My orders are always delivered in a timely manner and I will continue to purchase this item.

By Dan


Works very well

We purchased these for a fuel oil spill cleanup to soak up oil at a collection point. They have worked very well at containing the majority of the skim that has been steadily collecting. Would certainly purchase again!

By James


Pig Socks

We have used these for a couple of years and they have always done the job. We have never had any issues with the quality of the craftsmanship on these. We will continue to buy them along with other quality PIG products.

By Alex


Past, present, and future user!!!

Having discovered the PIG Oil Only socks years ago while working at JFK Airport, I knew exactly where to turn when a requirement arose at my current employer. We were scheduled to do some overnight hot water pressure washing at a garage facility in NYC and were required by code to prevent any oils and debris from entering the drain system. We installed drain silt sacks in the area drains and then surrounded each of them with the Oil Only socks. Once again their performance was flawless. The garage site manager actually cut the end off the box so they could order some for themselves. Pig products ALWAYS deliver!!!

By Michael


pretty good

these socks work just as advertised

By Kenny


Oil only absorbent socks

Great product that was delivered quickly. The price was good, and the product performs as expected. I would purchase this product again when needed.

By David




By Tom



have not used them yet

Additional Information

  • UV-Resistance Comparison Testing of Spunbond and Meltblown
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Sock
  • 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)
    Floors in the workplace should be, "maintained in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition."
  • 40 CFR 112.7
    SPCC planning requirements state that facilities subject to these regulations must have written plans in place discussing the products, countermeasures and procedures that are in place, or will be taken by the facility to prevent discharge of oil into waters of the United States.
  • 40 CFR 122.26
    When applying for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, facilities must have a plan in place that describes actions, procedures, control techniques, management practices and equipment available to prevent illegal discharge of pollutants into waterways.
  • Certifications, Approvals and Ratings
  • ANSI/ESD STM11.11