PIG® Pipe Wrap Repair Kit for Lines & Joints Under Pressure

Pressurized For 2.5" - 4" dia.

Polyurethane-infused fiberglass wrap provides fast, easy way to permanently fix broken, corroded or leaking pipes to beyond their original strength.
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The State of California mandates that the following statement is made in order to comply with the California Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

Chemical Known to Cause
Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size) Cancer
Talc Cancer

  • This product is subject to export restrictions and cannot be shipped to: Canada, European Union, Great Britain, Japan.

Polyurethane-infused fiberglass wrap provides fast, easy way to permanently fix broken, corroded or leaking pipes to beyond their original strength.

  • Each kit contains materials for restoring one pipe or joint, even if pressurized up to 60psi
  • Works on most pipes, including PVC, copper, galvanized steel, rubber, lead, iron and stainless steel
  • Materials adhere to wet or dry surfaces to allow repairs without draining pipes
  • Pressure-sensitive tape and PIG® Repair Putty apply underneath outer wrap to strengthen seal
  • Nitrile gloves protect hands during repair
  • Cures in approximately 30 minutes at 75°F
  • Final repair is not affected by salt water
  • NSF Certified for safe use on potable water lines
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Style Pipe Patch Kit
Brand PIG
Cure Time 30 Minutes at 75°F (24°C)
Pipe Pressure Pressurized
Pipe Size 2.5" - 4" dia.
Temperature Limit 300°F (149°C) Continuous/500°F (260°C) Intermittent
Sold as 3 per box
Weight 3.76 lbs.
# per Pallet 432
Composition Putty - Epoxy
Pressure-Sensitive Tape - Rubber
Gloves - Nitrile
Wrap - Polyurethane/Fiberglass

3 - 1.5" L PIG® Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty (2 year shelf life) (PTY230)

1 - 9' L x 1" W Pressure-sensitive Tape

1 - Pair Nitrile Gloves

1 - 15' L x 4" W Polyurethane-impregnated Fiberglass Wrap

Shelf Life 2 years
UNSPSC 31201519
Pigalog® Page Number Page 258


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  • star star star star star By Donald 03/24/2021

    Pig Pipe repair worked great!!!

    "I had a leak in a 4" steel pipe condenser return line from our 500 ton chiller. The leak was at the welded joint where a valve connects to the 4" pipe. This joint has a taper to it, so a conventional stainless clamp repair would not work and the line is under about 40 psi. To repair the leak would have required shutting down the chiller, which provides cooling to the building and some compressors, draining the cooling tower, cutting out the bad section and having a new section of steel pipe welded in to the valve. This would be time consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. I followed the directions and the putty and wrap worked just as described. I used this method once before with great success. My leaks always happen on the wrong side of the valve. LOL Thanks New Pig!!!"

  • star star star star star By Jeff 04/30/2013

    PTY124 - Pipe Repair Wrap

    "We have used the PTY124 pipe wrap to repair leaks during inclement weather on 6" steel pipe designed to transport abrasive material under pressure. While performing follow up repairs, the pipe wrap held up extremely well for extended periods of time, often outlasting the origonal steel pipe."

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