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PIG® SpillBlocker® Tabletop Dike

Ideal For Worksurface Spill Response, Labs, One 1" W x 4' L x 0.75" H Section
Contain small spills on workbenches or in labs with this liquid-proof, low-profile mini-barrier.   Read More 

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Pig Exclusive


Contain small spills on workbenches or in labs with this liquid-proof, low-profile mini-barrier.
  • Contains benchtop spills without absorbing; ideal for small spills on smooth work surfaces
  • Polyurethane material resists water, oils and many chemicals
  • High-visibility yellow color draws attention to spill for increased safety
  • Reusable dike cleans easily with soap and water
  • Comes in compact storage box for easy transport
  • Cut to any length for a custom fit
  • Can also be used to form an edge on workbenches to keep bolts, bearings and other small parts from rolling off


Traffic Non-Weight Bearing
Barrier Dimensions One 1" W x 4' L x 0.75" H Section
Barrier Height .75" H
Color Yellow
Dimensions 1" W x 4' L x 0.75" H
Brand PIG
Ideal For Worksurface Spill Response, Labs
Install/Deploy Type Temporary/Removable Barrier
Intended Use Table Top
Max liquid temp exposure Max Exposure Limit 225°F for up to 30 Minutes
Temperature Limit Works from 0°F to 160°F
Sold as 1 per box
Weight 2 lbs.
New Pig Patent 5,236,281
# per Pallet 750
Composition Polyurethane
UNSPSC 24101907
Pigalog® Page Number Page 160


Based on 3 reviews

By Sarah


The Right Stuff

I love working with New Pig, and their products always perform great. So useful in a lab setting where things can get a bit hectic and messy. The spillblocker is highly useful at containing messes and very durable.

By Sarah


Great Product

The name is spot on- these things will block a spill very well! Extremely convenient to use when things might get a little messy and you are looking to minimize the mess.

By Jessica


spill blocker works

We operate two independent restaurants. Every night the kitchens floors are literally hosed down. We use the table top spill blockers to insure that water does not travel from the kitchens into the restaurant. This helps keep the wood floors, and the carpet runners in the front clean, and makes them last longer. No more greasy floors or carpets, and no more wood swelling from overnight water saturation. i called and got advice on which size to buy, but we decided to purchase the smallest size even though it's not recommended for a floor. We're not such a huge industrial operation and this was the best solution to block the doors while the floor was being cleaned.

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Urethane Notice

Due to the nature of softer urethane, the physical properties of these products may change over time with exposure to certain environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and UV radiation. Typical life expectancy is 5 years. Please inspect the stored product regularly to ensure it is in a usable state. For more details and for chemical compatibility, please call Technical Services.