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PIG® Water-Absorbing Sock

3" x 48", Absorbs up to 1.52 gal. per sock, 40 socks
Has super absorbent polymers inside for best retention of absorbed water-based leaks and spills.   Read More 

PRICING (Based on quantity)

$80.00 $77.00 $75.00
Pig Exclusive


Has super absorbent polymers inside for best retention of absorbed water-based leaks and spills.
  • Super absorbent polymer (SAP) technology locks water-based liquids inside sock to avoid additional leakage; saves time and money in cleanup efforts
  • Ideal for use with water-based, non-aggressive liquids
  • Great choice for absorbing cutting fluids and surrounding grinding machines
  • Highly absorbent and fast-wicking socks absorb up to 1.5 gallons each
  • Not for use with acids, bases or aggressive fluids
  • Nobody knows more about socks than New Pig - we invented them!


Fluid Absorbed Water-Based Liquids Only
Color Blue
Dimensions ext. dia. 3" x 48" L
Absorbency Up to 61 gal. per box
Absorbency per Up to 1.52 gal. per sock
Filler Cellulose w/ Polymer Blend
Skin/Outer Mesh Skin - Polyester
Sold as 40 socks per box
Weight 53 lbs.
# per Pallet 12
Application Leaks & Drips, Maintenance
UNSPSC 47131904


Show All Based on 13 reviews

By Christopher


Great product!

The water absorbent Pigs are very cost effective. They have provided us an inexpensive means of absorbing a small amount of rain water that trickles in after a heavy rain. We have been able to protect all of our wood shop equipment with these Pigs.

By Tonya


Great product

Great socks for socking up water. Very handy!!

By David


Best thing for cleaning garage floors

I use to have contractors come in and wash the garage floors at my commercial building. They always plugged the floor drains. Now we use the "Pigs" around the drains, and it saves us a bunch of money as we don't have to get the drains cleared afterwards any more. The socks allow the water to flow to the drains, and keeps the dirt back behind them. Thanks Pig!

By Karen


Love them!

These were much better than the competitions - these held more water and there was no dust!!!

By Kelly



I run a print shop, and we live in the hurricane zone. So when the rains are heavy and the winds kick up, we get water inside our shop. These socks stop the water before it can get to my presses and other equipment. Absorption is fantastic, the containment is a superior asset, and the time saved in clean-up as well as avoiding standing water, mold, etc. is, well, (almost) priceless! Thanks New Pig for a great product!

By David


Water Absorbents and other products

I began making purchases at New Pig about a year ago. Noting the prompt service and professional customer service, I have expanded to other products and recently set-up a Purchase Order so I can purchase more products easier than before.

By Sherry


Love these socks!

I always have a case of socks in my laboratory for those times when our equipment sweats (high humidity days) or doors leak in driving rain. Can't live without them!

By David


PIG233 Polymer Socks

We have used other absorbent sock products in our factory but when we tried the PIG233 the end users insisted on no substitutes in the future. The absorbent capacity and ease of use have made this the most popular choice for spill containment and clean up where absorbent mats won't reach. Thanks for another great product. David

By tony


New Piggie-astic!!!

We placed our first order with New Pig and received the product the very next day!! Awesome customer service and a very user friendly website. You guys are a five star rating! Thank you!!

By Thomas


PIG® Super Absorbent Polymer Sock Item PIG233

The Product worked great and was able to absorb more waste than other brands we have used. We will be purchasing more Super Absorbent Polymer Socks.

By Michael


Pig Sock

I recently purchased this product to use for containment booms while replacing a fire pump. They did an excellent job of keeping the water in the area and the rest of the floor dry so that we could work easily. I have almost half of the box left over which was rather nice since I have another project coming up that I can use them on. I have given the catalog to the office and they are now looking into other uses for the products that they carry

By Mike


Peace of mind!

Works great. We have a small business at our home and have developed a leak in our basement foundation. We are traveling out of the country for an extended period of time and my wife was very worried about having someone tend to our leaking basement. I have put down a few of the super absorbent polymer socks and showed her how effective they are. She was quite pleased and now we are off on our adventure without worry.

By Brooke


Great absorption power

This product is great. The blue color stands out amid the gray, yellow and pink socks that we use and the plumbers are able to quickly grab these for any water overflow that comes their way.

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