Unless otherwise noted, all job opportunities are located in Blantyre, an easy commute from Glasgow. New Pig offers a great work environment!

New Pig Ltd is an Equal Opportunity Employer: minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

There are no job openings at this time.

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New Pig Ltd
Hogs Hill • Watt Place
Hamilton International Technology Park
Blantyre • Glasgow G72 0AH

We at New Pig take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously, albeit with a touch of fun mixed in. How we manage our social, ethical and environmental issues rightly reflects on how people see us – both as an organisation, and as an employer.

We want to attract the best and brightest people. We believe that if you're worth employing, you're worth looking after. That's why we go out of our way to offer all our employees a range of benefits that reflect the full value of their skills, experience and qualifications. As you grow and develop, your benefits and bonuses will grow with you. What shape they take all depends on what direction your career takes.

For more information regarding individual employment benefits please contact us at

Our Core Values are simple and clear, rarely preached, and continually practiced:

  • We satisfy our customers far beyond their expectation
  • We trust and believe in the power of committed, enthusiastic employees
  • We actively build and preserve a corporation and identity that is clean, fun-loving, honest and of high quality
  • We pursue excellence through high standards, continuous improvement and breakthrough innovation
  • We must have profits and growth to fulfill our Core Values

At New Pig, we have one clear, unalterable focus: we want to delight our customers with high-quality, innovative products that help them keep their workplaces clean and safe. That focus has helped create a positive and productive work environment, so at New Pig, we know that putting the customer first and committing to our Core Values will lead to your success at New Pig and New Pig's continuing success.

Employment and Benefits

New Pig offers competitive wages and benefits as well as a great work environment. For an outline of New Pig's benefits package, click here. For current career opportunities, click here.