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New Pig Corporation Introduces Absorbent Solution for Extreme-Traffic Walkways (05/10)

A Newer, Pigger, Better (03/10)


New Pig Unveils PIG BLUE™ Absorbent Mat (11/09)

New Pig Introduces First Industrial Absorbent Mat With Recycled Polypropylene Content (11/09)

Big Pigalog® Buying Guides Named Double Catalog Award Winner (09/09)

New Pig Introduces Three Drum Pig® Heavy-Duty Poly Spill Containment Pallet (08/09)

New Pig Introduces PIG® High-Visibility Yellow Mat (05/09)

New Pig Corporation Double Gold Award Winner (05/09)

New Pig Introduces PIG® Mat and Wiper Combo Pack (WIP104) (04/09)

New Pig Ltd Introduces PIG® Drive-Over DRAINBLOCKER™ Drain Cover (03/09)

New Pig Introduces PIG® Modular IBC Spill Pallet (02/09)

2009 Pigalog® Features More Than 100 New Products (02/09)


FAT MAT™ Super-Absorbent Mat (3/08)


PIG® Bend-&-Shape™ Mat (06/07)

2007 Double Gold Catalog Awards (05/07)


PIG® Drain Insert Plus (09/06)

PIG® HAM-O® Universal Mat (06/06)

2006 Double Gold Catalog Awards (05/06)

Poly Spill Containment Pallet (02/06)


PIG® SPILLBLOCKER® Vacuum Dike (10/05)

Above-the-Ceiling Leak Diverter (05/05)

PIG® Extra-Duty Mat (05/05)

PIG® Build-A-Berm® Barrier (04/05)

ISO9001 Certification (02/05)

PIG® Super Shop Towels (02/05)

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ISO 9001 Certification – Another Sign of New Pig Quality

You can count on New Pig for excellence in products and service and your overall experience as a customer. We've built a quality management system to make sure of it, and we're constantly working on delivering even higher performance.

Our quality management system is certified as meeting the globally-recognized standards of ISO 9001. BSI Assurance UK Ltd, one of the world's leading certification agencies, regularly conduct thorough examinations of our systems for accepting orders, reviewing customers' specifications, manufacturing products, delivering those products, and more. The auditors certify that our systems meet or exceed the strict ISO 9001 requirements.

What does our ISO 9001 Certification mean for you? It means you literally can expect world-class performance held to an international standard – every time you give us a squeal!

Environmental Policy

New Pig provides world-class innovative solutions that help our customers keep their workplaces clean and safe. Our customers rely on us and the products we supply to help them protect their employees, the public, and the environment.

We believe in minimizing our own environmental impact, helping our customers to achieve similar goals, and ensuring that our partners are aware of our commitment to Near-Zero impact on the environment. We will:

  • Assess the environmental interactions of our activities, products, and services to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Control our processes, procedures, equipment, facilities, and activities to Prevent Pollution and conserve natural resources.
  • Comply with environmental regulations and other applicable requirements, both internal and external.
  • Continually Improve our performance by establishing relevant objectives and measuring our progress.

New Pig team members and our partners understand that achieving Near-Zero impact will help us to be profitable, socially responsible, and protect the environment for future generations.