What to do after you buy a spill kit

First, put your kit where you're likely to have a spill and make sure you can see and get to it easily.

Next, open your kit and take a look at what's inside. We pack the socks, booms, mats, pillows and other supplies in the order you need them so you can respond quickly.

Finally, create a plan that outlines who will respond to the spill and what procedure they will follow.

The steps below will get you started:

1. Confine the spill: create a barrier around the outside of the spill with the socks or booms.

2. Stop the flow: find where the liquid is coming from and shut down the source.

3. Clean up the mess: working from the outside to the inside of the spill, use the absorbents in the kit to clean up.

4. Dispose of used absorbents: secure the saturated absorbents in the yellow temporary disposal bags provided in your spill kit and dispose of them in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

For in-depth instructions, checkout: PIG Spill Response Tactics Training

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PIG® Big Daddy Spill Caddy

  • Each absorbs up to 44.6 gal.
  • Absorbs Oils; Coolants; Solvents; Water; Universal

Accessories for See All Spill Kits


PIG® Emergency Spill Response Sign

  • Spill Response & Spill Kit
  • 14" x 10"
  • 1 each


PIG® Spill Station Sign

  • Spill Response & Spill Kit
  • 1 each


PIG® Notice Spill Clean Up Kit Sign

  • Spill Response & Spill Kit
  • 1 each


PIG® Notice Spill Station Sign

  • Spill Response & Spill Kit
  • 1 each

Spills are serious business. You can’t depend on second-rate absorbents in a clumsy container when seconds count. That’s why customers trust these top-selling spill kits to stay ready for everything from MRO liquids to hazardous chemicals. And each one is packed with PIG Absorbents, so you can be sure they’ll do the job right.

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