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SpillBlockers, Berms, Dikes & Barriers

Create a barrier to confine and divert fluids and protect your drains.

Rattled by runaway spills? Patented PIG Spill Control Products take the hassle out of containment and regulation compliance. SpillBlocker Dikes confine and divert liquids without absorbing them. DrainBlocker Drain Covers keep fluids out of your drains during spill emergencies or washdowns. And Build-A-Berm Barriers let you create semi-permanent spill berms in any size or shape you need — indoors or out.

108 incredibly reliable products
  • For Square 42" to 48" or Rectangular 54" x 30" DrainBlocker Drain Cover


  • For Square 54" DrainBlocker Drain Cover


  • For Build-A-Berm Barrier


Accessories for SpillBlockers, Berms, Dikes & Barriers

Comply with SPCC regs and avoid fines with our family of spillblockers, berms and barriers. Super-sealing, reusable PIG SpillBlocker Dikes are flexible and formable to the shape of the liquid to let you quickly confine spills or channel washdown liquids away from your drain. DrainBlocker Drain Covers seal tight to keep unwanted liquids out of your drains. Use them for fast spill response or long-term outdoor deployment with no UV degradation. For a more permanent solution, install a PIG Build-A-Berm Barrier around your leak-prone areas for custom containment that delivers big savings compared to building cement curbs or angle iron.

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