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Sticky Steps Cleanroom Mats

Leave grime and wet footprints at the door and improve floor safety with absorbent, grime-grabbing, floor-gripping mats.

Tracking dirt and grime into your offices, cleanrooms or other areas where clean floors are vital? PIG Sticky Steps Mat grabs dirt from shoes and wheels so it’s not tracked into or out of areas that need to be kept clean. Our high-tack, multi-sheet sticky floor mats come in pads of 30, and used sheets pull off easily and individually. Plus, the low-profile pack adheres to the floor, so it’s never a tripping hazard.

6 incredibly reliable products
  • 24" x 36"
  • 120 sheets

$150.00 - $166.00

  • 36" x 60"
  • 120 sheets

$402.00 - $444.00

  • 18" x 36"
  • 120 sheets

$97.00 - $107.00

  • 24" x 45"
  • 120 sheets

$277.00 - $306.00

  • 18" x 45"
  • 120 sheets

$218.00 - $239.00

  • 25" x 37" x .01"
  • 30 sheets
  • Portable Frame

$55.00 - $59.00

Sticky Mats are great for construction applications, hospitals, test areas, and more, and can save time and money on carpet cleaning and constant vacuuming. They’re perfect for use as cleanroom mats, as they’re designed to grab small particles to keep grime from being tracked around and eliminate footprint marks. When the top sheet is dirty, just peel it off and throw it away; a numbered pull-tab system shows when you’re running low. Shop 18” x 36” to 36” x 60” mats in low-profile packs that stick to your floor to suit your application.