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Storm Preparedness & Flood Control

Storms can wreak havoc on employees, facilities and inventory. Use PIG products to be ready before the storm strikes.

Storms can cause devastating problems, including injuries to your employees, damage to your facility or ruined products or inventory. The key is to be ready before the storm hits, and PIG has a wide range of products that will help you be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. PIG High-Volume SpillBlocker Dikes confine or divert pooling liquids or spills up to 6.75" deep. When floodwaters threaten, use a PIG-approved Quick Dam Flood Barrier, a sandless sandbag. A PIG Roof Leak Diverter catches leaks and channels them to a drain or container, keeping floors dry and safe and protecting inventory. PIG Drain Covers can seal drains tight and prevent unwanted liquids from entering them. And we carry a range of LED flashlights and lighting products that are essential in power outages.

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