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Stormwater Filtration

Stormwater filtration: catch contaminants before they reach waterways to stay in compliance.

Filtration can be a crucial part of an effective Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, and a good practice for protecting your drains from contaminants and keeping the water supply clean. There are a few ways to filter: Storm Drain Filters sit below the grate of your storm drain to catch pollutants; Drain Filter Socks wrap around the outside of your storm drains or sit in front of curb inlets to block pollutants and prevent ponding; and DeWatering Filters let water run through and hold onto oil and sediment during high-volume pumpouts.

An effective drain oil filter catches and collects contaminants like oil, hydrocarbons, sediment, silt, trash, debris, and heavy metals, while letting clean stormwater run through. We’ve hand-picked drain filtration products that can help you comply with EPA’s SPCC and Stormwater Regs – plus, incorporating any of these products into an SWPPP is just common sense.

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