Universal Absorbents

The Best In Class Does It All

Tired of trying to remember which absorbent works for which liquid? The #1 brand in the world, PIG Universal Absorbents absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water. They come in different forms depending on your spill size: mats, pads in rolls or dispenser boxes, socks, pillows, loose and more. For everyday needs, Mats and Pads are great. PIG Socks wrap around leaky machines and corral spreading spills. For big leaks, Pillows start absorbing immediately. And 100% silica-free PIG Loose Absorbents are a much safer alternative to clay.

A universal absorbent is one that absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water - and PIG products do it best. Here you’ll find the world’s best mats, socks, pillows, loose and more for everyday applications, like soaking up tons of water. Grippy Mat’s water absorbing material ensures snow and rain (or other liquids) don’t get tracked into your building. More super-popular solutions like classic PIG Mat Pads in rolls or dispenser boxes or our superabsorbent Pig Blue Mat Pads absorb anything and work everywhere to tackle persistent leaks or sizeable spills. And PIG Socks are perfect for surrounding spills to keep them from spreading.

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