"This is the best absorbent mat on the market"

PIG® Absorbent Mat Roll

5 Stars

We have tried “competitor” absorbent mat. There is no comparison. This gets all of our oils and our moisture off the floors and keeps our paths safe. Great product.

By Paul


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Worker in PPE using various absorbents from a big spill kit container to clean a brown liquid.

When it comes to drips, leaks and spills, we’ve seen it all. We know there’s no shortage of different sizes, locations and types of liquid that can cause problems, depending on your industry, your facility and a number of other variables. Fortunately, we offer every absorbent you could need, from smaller water absorbents to giant oil absorbent booms and everything in between. But we don’t just offer a wide variety: we offer the best, most trusted absorbents available today. We can help you soak up every last drop quickly, fully and safely. Browse them all below!


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PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Boom

  • 5" x 10'
  • Each absorbs up to 6 gal.
  • 4 booms per bag