Water Containment Barriers

Water, Water Everywhere

Are you constantly playing Whack-a-Mole with water leaks and spills? Win that war with PIG Water Containment Barrier solutions. SpillBlocker Dikes confine and divert liquids without absorbing them. With a Build-A-Berm Barrier, you can create drive-over containment for leak-prone areas. Washdown worries? Reusable Water-Filled Dikes are ideal for controlling and directing water flow. And Leak Diverters channel leaks and save your floors, inventory and equipment from damage.

Dealing with water leaks and spills can be frustrating. The key is to get control of the liquids by containing or diverting them. PIG Water Containment Barriers are products made specifically to control liquids without absorbing them, averting damage to inventory and equipment and avoiding slippery floors. With super-sealing, flexible, formable SpillBlocker Dikes, you can confine and divert fluids and make cleanup easier. Build-A-Berm Barriers are semi-permanent water containment barriers that you can configure to the exact size and shape you need - and you can even drive over them! And Water-Filled Dikes are perfect for washdown woes - you can control and direct the water flow.

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